Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Keeps on Working the Stretch Pants Workouts, Can Camel Toe Come Out and Play?

Anne Hathaway must be feeling good about her workout routines of late. She’s just everywhere around town sweating up a storm, showing off her friendly camel toe in stretch pants and sweaty tight tops. I’m glad she’s feeling good about her body, it’s working out well for the both of us.

While outside of the occasional intentional commando slip, Anne tends to the very conservative hippy side of public wardrobe, this recent Renaissance of her revealing her female form all moist in public certainly is a delightful turn. It started on her Hawaiian vacation last month and just keeps right on rolling. Obviously, we could use a little more something something, but you have to be excited about the direction the arrow is moving. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Nipple Poking Bikini Top and Wet Yoga Pants, This Could Be a Thing

Just when you thought blessed stretch pants couldn’t get any better, Anne Hathaway goes and takes them into the ocean for a nice soaking and wet shrinking as she jobs in her bikini top along the beach in Hawaii. I’m not sure if it was her general excitement or the slight chill of even the tropical ocean waters, but Anne’s nips seemed hell bent on busting out of their bra top and being seen directly by the 50th state sunshine. Can’t say as I blame them. Or that I wasn’t rooting for them.

Anne Hathaway is one of those rather difficult ogling subjects who rarely isn’t wrapped in five layers of kitschy clothing when just out and about so her Hawaiian vacation has been a nice treat for those of us still infatuated with the thespianic even after she cut her hair and started saying important things about her ‘craft’. I’m still digging. And trying not to get an eye poked. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Bikini Pictures Slightly More Revealing Today in Hawaii

Anne Hathaway really is a shy girl, hiding beneath her hats and wraps and glasses and lead-lined castle walls and such. I can relate to Anne in a way as I never had a private bathroom moment in my life until I turned 18. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone. For me, it’s when reading my ESPN Deportes magazine in the can, for Anne, it’s pretty much most waking minutes of her life. Either way, you have to respect another’s wishes for privacy. I mean, unless they happen to be a mega superstar celebrity finally showing off some bikini top skin in Hawaii. Then all bets are off.

Anne and her rather slight husband continued their low key downtime on the Big Island with some surfing and hiking and bikini time promenading. Anne’s never going to go the way of the showoff girls on the beach in Miami, but we’re hoping her ‘meeting us halfway’ heads toward a booty shot here or there before this trip is over and she’s back to being the most layered clothed woman in all of Los Angeles.  Consider my eyes peeled for just such a sighting. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Gets Downright Showy in a Bikini Cover Up Jog in Hawaii

Of course, Anne Hathaway is intent on never been seen as a sex object if at all possible. She’s a serious thespian and singer and married person, so she does try to cover up her skin as much as humanly possible, save for that once a year wardrobe malfunction when she shows off everything to the world. She really is hard to capture without a minimum of two to three layers of clothing on. Let’s be polite and call her modest.

So, happy were we to spy Anne in a bikini, albeit covered up quite a bit, hiking fervently through the paths around the beach in Hawaii. It’s not much, but we do so crush on Anne Hathaway that it seems like a lot. Or maybe just enough for some private time sweet dreams. We’re hoping Anne perhaps changes her Eskimo dressing ways at some point and shows more of her glorious gifts to the world. Where there is hope, there is promise. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Goes Camel Toe to Tight Booty on Sweaty L.A. Hike in Tights

I’m not exactly clear why Anne Hathaway decided to crop off her hair and get married and never show skin in public and all sorts of other things that seem counter-intuitive to being popular and beloved by the males of the species. But, live and let live we always say here on Egotastic! Well, at least, we’re saying it now.

Plus, with some of our sextastic favorites, this does allow us the special surprise when we do get the occasional sweet exhibition. Like when Anne hit the hiking trail here in the summer heat in a pair of stretch pants that revealed both her impressionable camel toe on the frontside and an impressively toned booty on the back. Kind of like the delight you feel when you truly understand the versatility of a reversible belt (it’s one belt, but it goes with two different color suits, genius!).

Anne Hathaway is not particularly shy when it comes to baring all for her beloved thespianic craft, but she does tend to keep an extremely modest profile in public. So, today, let us give another round of thanks to both blessed sweatpants and the human body’s innate sense to force blood into the extremities during strenuous exercise. Enjoy.

In Her Next Movie, Anne Hathaway Will Play a Beautiful Rich Woman Whom Nobody Really Likes

Start licking your chops, hathahaters

Personally, I’ve got nothing against Anne Hathaway. She’s a gorgeous woman and a talented actor who makes pretty good films who’s never done anything to me. So as far as I’m concerned, we’re cool. (And as far as she’s concerned…who the hell am I?)

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. A great many nameless, faceless people out there on the internets loves to hate on her, and during the 85th Academy Awards back in February all the hatin’ reached a crescendo. To paraphrase every tweet with the hashtag #hathaway from that cold winter night, ‘Anne Hathaway is the worst person ever and why does she even live GOD I HATE HER!’

Why do I mention all this now?


Anne Hathaway Camel Toe Is Anything But (Les) Miserable

Now, this is an unexpected surprise, though not like we haven’t wished to see more of Anne Hathaway of late. An actress not shy about showing off for film roles, but rather reticent to create anything spectacle like in public. Especially since becoming married and a relatively self-important member of the acting craft. Well, minus her big flash last December, natch.

But, hark and behold, a camel toe of quite sweet proportions through the leggings of the seriously singing thespianic. A little wedge of love to remind us that not only is Anne human, she’s a girl. A girl we’d love to help wiggle out of those stretch pants and into something more comfortable, like nothing. Someday. Enjoy.