Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Goes Camel Toe to Tight Booty on Sweaty L.A. Hike in Tights

I'm not exactly clear why Anne Hathaway decided to crop off her hair and get married and never show skin in public and all sorts of other things that seem counter-intuitive to being popular and beloved by the males of the species. But, live and let live we always say here on Egotastic! Well, at least, we're saying it now.

Plus, with some of our sextastic favorites, this does allow us the special surprise when we do get the occasional sweet exhibition. Like when Anne hit the hiking trail here in the summer heat in a pair of stretch pants that revealed both her impressionable camel toe on the frontside and an impressively toned booty on the back. Kind of like the delight you feel when you truly understand the versatility of a reversible belt (it's one belt, but it goes with two different color suits, genius!).

Anne Hathaway is not particularly shy when it comes to baring all for her beloved thespianic craft, but she does tend to keep an extremely modest profile in public. So, today, let us give another round of thanks to both blessed sweatpants and the human body's innate sense to force blood into the extremities during strenuous exercise. Enjoy.

In Her Next Movie, Anne Hathaway Will Play a Beautiful Rich Woman Whom Nobody Really Likes

Personally, I've got nothing against Anne Hathaway. She's a gorgeous woman and a talented actor who makes pretty good films who's never done anything to me. So as far as I'm concerned, we're cool. (And as far as she's concerned...who the hell am I?)

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. A great many nameless, faceless people out there on the internets loves to hate on her, and during the 85th Academy Awards back in February all the hatin' reached a crescendo. To paraphrase every tweet with the hashtag #hathaway from that cold winter night, 'Anne Hathaway is the worst person ever and why does she even live GOD I HATE HER!'

Why do I mention all this now?

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Anne Hathaway Camel Toe Is Anything But (Les) Miserable

Anne Flashes Lady Nest
Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction at the NYC Premiere of 'Les Miserables'
Major wardrobe malfunction for Anne at the Les Mis premiere. Read More »

Now, this is an unexpected surprise, though not like we haven't wished to see more of Anne Hathaway of late. An actress not shy about showing off for film roles, but rather reticent to create anything spectacle like in public. Especially since becoming married and a relatively self-important member of the acting craft. Well, minus her big flash last December, natch.

But, hark and behold, a camel toe of quite sweet proportions through the leggings of the seriously singing thespianic. A little wedge of love to remind us that not only is Anne human, she's a girl. A girl we'd love to help wiggle out of those stretch pants and into something more comfortable, like nothing. Someday. Enjoy.

Katie Holmes Sideboob, Jessica Alba Cleave, and Miley Cyrus’ Annie Lennox Look Highlight the 2013 Met Gala

Nice to see my girl Katie Holmes back in the mix, flashing some skin by way of sideboob at the fancy pants 2013 Met Gala last night in New York. The Met Gala is one of the biggest highfalutin celebrity events of the year, with a ton of A-listers showing up in their designer gowns for the Big Apples biggest red carpet.

Besides Katie we couldn't help but notice Miley Cyrus calling upon an 80's Euro-pop vibe, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba showing some cleave, Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Swift, and a bunch of other top tier celebs showing off their finest. It's kind of like the very first sequence in a recurring R.E.M. sleep fantasy of mine, the one right before the the robbers break in and force all the girls to hand over their fancy frocks. I could tell you what happens next, but this is a family site. Enjoy.

You’re Not Going to See Les Miserables, But Why Miss out on the Hotties of Les Mis?

Seriously, some of you will be dragged by your ladies to go see Les Miserables this holiday season (and some of you will be dragging your ladies to go, but, that's another shameful matter), but most of you with something Kesha likes to bite dangling betwixt your legs will be staying away from this French musical, because you've got better things to do like fixing shit, or building shit, or watching sports.

But that doesn't mean you don't deserve to see the best parts of the new Les Miserables flick, sextastic thespianics Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Samantha Barks. Check them out in our gallery of some of our more favorite pics and feel the pleasure, without the miserable. Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Rides Commando, Flashes Her Lady Nest at Les Miserable Premiere in N.Y.C.


Hey, who can be the least bit Miserable when still-hot brunette Anne Hathaway flashes her lady fruit in the chill winter evening of The Big Apple? Not I, says Jean Val-minge-ogler.

The female thespianic co-star of Dark Knight, took the opportunity at the New York City premiere of the stage musical turned movie your girl is probably going to make you take her to, Les Miserable, to remind all of her fans that she may be married, but she's not dead, as Anne's car-exit upskirt provided a solid glimpse of her fun muffin to the paparazzi stationed outside the premiere.

Now, even though this was likely accidental, we still find ourselves wanting to rise in applause and wonder quite happily to ourselves, where the heck are Anne's panties? Enjoy.

Anne Hathaway Backless For Hotness at Les Miserables Premiere in London

While I often get labeled with the 'unsophisticated' 'sophomoric' and 'juvenile' labels, and, granted, guilty as charged, dear PTA President, I will have you know that I have seen Les Miserables live in the theater. And not even in English. And, that was the single worst date of my life, because, let's face it, while some prom-level failures of spending big dough and getting no nookie are applicable to the actual prom, once you're a grown man on a date, and you go to Les Miserables in a foreign language you expect to get a little something something. What did I get? A begrudging kiss on the cheek and emo-French show tunes stuck in my head for two months. Hell.

Still, I overcome my personal tragedies to share with you a little Valjean goodness, Anne Hathaway, flashing some serious back skin at the London premiere of Les Miserables. Now, we all know Anne Hathaway cut her hair short and has tried to make herself look less appealing to the opposite sex since getting married earlier this year. But, just like I can't hide the fact that I only know the multiplication tables up to 5x5, Anne Hathaway can not hide her inherent hotness. And when she starts going backless, we're going to naturally dream a dream about running digits up and down her archways. Enjoy.