Josephine Skriver Underboob for Numero Magazine

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Echo Lawrence - March 16, 2020

Josephine Skriver is amazing, probably one of the hottest Victoria's Secret girls to ever happen.

Her story is straight out of a Sci/Fi movie, kind of like everything going on right now in the world, because I've read various stories about how she was created in a lab.

Her father was a gay biologist, her mother a lesbian friend who I guess acted as a surrogate, and I assume she was an experiment gone right.

I am sure the whole "designer" baby concept of creating a goddess is left out of her wikipedia page, but it'd be so boring to assume that this was just a straight IVF procedure, since she was able to go right to the top, after being virtually unknown by the Victoria's Secret company.

I wouldn't find it too crazy a concept that the corporation funded the research in the designer baby, creating what could be the perfect lingerie model, because as it turns out she grew into the perfect lingerie model, but I may just be losing my mind in self-quarantine. Digging a little deeper than I should into things I know nothing about.

Instead, we shall stare at her hotness!