Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, R.I.P. at 27

Sad, but not completely surprised. But mostly just sad.

Our music and celebrity site friends have this unfortunate tale and the breaking news fallout covered this morning:

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Amy Winehouse Nipple Slip Pictures. Sorry.


So Amy Winehouse got some new breast implants. And now she’s showing them off. But she’s still fucking crazy, so, in what is probably the most predictable outcome, we’ve got these Amy Winehouse nipple slip pictures. Sorry.

And if you really love seeing the mangled, disformed nipples of a crack-addicted, toothless troll, there’s a whole lot more Amy Winehouse nipple slip pictures after the jump. Again, sorry.

Photo credit: Splash News

Amy Winehouse is Topless Again. Sorry.


Really sorry to have to do this to you again, but here are some more Amy Winehouse topless pictures from her holiday in St. Lucia. Sadly, these pictures are much higher resolution than our last Amy Winehouse topless post, so there’s no not seeing what ou don’t want to see. So why am I posting these pictures if they are the furthest thing from sexy? Well, if I have to see them, then so do you.

More Amy Winehouse topless bikini pictures after the jump. If yuo’re crazy enough.

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Amy Winehouse Topless Pictures. Oh God Why!!?


Okay, let’s get one thing straight: I am not posting these Amy Winehouse topless pictures by choice. But if I don’t, I know I’m going to get a ton of emails asking me why I haven’t posted them yet. I’ve already gotten a few. My question to you is: Why would you ever want to see that disgusting crack head Amy Winehouse topless? Do you get off on the toothless look? At least she doesn’t look completely like a Holocasut victim anymore. Thankfully, these pictures aren’t high-res, because if they were, I’d be scarred for life.

In case you’re wondering, Amy is on holiday in St. Lucia. The island has since been declared a disaster area, and humnitarian relief is being rushed in.

Amy Winehouse’s Pubes Will Make You Puke


Oh God, I can’t believe I’m posting this. It’s the kind of thing that will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.* But if you think you’re brave, or that you can’t possibly be scarred more than you already are, I invite you to test your gag reflex at the site of Amy Winehouse’s pubes. Yes, you read that right.

I’m going to throw up now. Be right back.

* Egotastic! is not liable for mental health issues that may arise from viewing these pictures.

Photo credit: Splash News

Amy Winehouse Shows Nipples, Is Racist


Guess what! Amy Winehouse is even more vile and disgusting than you thought. Not only is she a grotesque crack-head, but she’s also a racist. Score! Yeah, she’s a total winner, as this video from News of the World will attest. In the video, shot in a crack den, Amy sings a very, very racist song.

In a sequence shot around May 2007–weeks after the couple eloped to wed in Miami–they are in a dingy crack den with Delboy-style bamboo patterned wallpaper.

Amy, 24, and a pal called Sarah giggle as they sing a string of racist lines set to the tune of kiddies’ favourite ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

Blake pretends NOT to record the unfolding events and eggs them on, saying: “Can we have a singsong of it?” Sarah is at first reluctant but soon warms to the action as Amy enthusiastically sings:

“Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips!

“And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!”

She repeats the first line over again and on the word “Nips” Amy pulls her eyes into slits then pushes her boobs up in a gesture to her nipples.

Oh, and speaking of Amy Winehouse’s nipples, which I really wish we weren’t, there are pictures to go along with this splendid video, of Amy Winehouse whipping her nipples out. Yeah, I know, first that gross Shauna Sand nipple slip and upskirt, and now this. I’m sorry.

Watch the Video »

Amy Winehouse is Soooooooooooo Sexy

I don’t talk about Amy Winehouse much here on Egotastic!, because I like to keep things as sexy as possible, and Amy Winehouse generally isn’t sexy. That’s all changed, of course, thanks to these pictures of Amy walking outside in her bra, barefoot, and crying. According to the Daily Mail, Amy looked disoriented and walked aimlessly for several minutes. I’m sure by “disoriented” they meant “cracked out.”

Onlookers said she appeared disorientated as she wandered around on the pavement for several minutes in the freezing cold before disappearing back inside.

“She came out of the house, walked down the drive and wandered around on the pavement for a bit.

“She looked upset and agitated but there was no obvious reason for her to have come outside. It was weird.”

You know, there’s nothing sexier than an emaciated, tattooed, toothless crackhead, aimlessly wandering the streets, crying and screaming to really get the libido fired up. I’m sorry, did I say libido? I meant vomit.

And you thought Britney Spears was fucked up.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin