What the Hell Happened to Amanda Bynes?

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bill-swift - August 22, 2006

Okay, first of all, I'm not calling Amanda Bynes fat. I'm well aware that doing so would be extremely premature, unfair, and potentially libelous. However, I will ask you, what the hell happened to Amanda Bynes.

I mean, either the girl has taken to the Cheetos with the single-minded of goal of stealing Kevin Federline away from Britney Spears (he likes his women rotund and cheesy), or her face has been stung by some new form of super bee.

Really, I haven't seen a face that swollen and spherical in, well, ever. At least not on someone who's body was still relatively thin. Either she's storing nuts for the approaching winter, or something happened to Amanda Bynes, and I want to know that was.

And considering what Amanda Bynes used to look like in a bikini, something definitely happened.