Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller Steamy Sultry Lingerie Hot for Intimissimi

Southern California native model and sultry brunette Alyssa Miller got all sophisticated and retro for her latest promo shoot for Intimissimi lingerie. And while I myself am more of modernist when it comes to lingerie, you know, crotchless, leather, spikes, all the classy bits, I must say, the sextastic alluring Alyssa strikes quite the pose in this all grown up girl underwear.

We only get to see Alyssa in little spurts, as it were, so it's always a treat when this raven haired beauty lends her bodily talents to some publicly released pursuit. Lingerie modeling seems to come quite naturally to Alyssa who I like to imagine is modeling the Valentine's Gift I sent her in the mail last week. I can't take another Return to Sender. It makes me feel like an orphan all over again. Enjoy.

Alyssa Miller See-Through Sultry Sextastic for Galore

Alyssa Miller truly is an under-appreciated beautiful wonderful thing. Maybe it's because she doesn't work as much as some of her counterparts, she's not producing shoots every single week. But this rare L.A. native model leaves me feeling quite native every time she reveals her dark featured hotness in front of the cameras. You throw in some see-through sextastic goodness by way of Galore magazine, and everybody and their dad should be imagining Alyssa Miller in the still darkness of their evening repose.

Obviously, that's just a suggestion. If you wish to leave more Alyssa just for me, I'm good with that as well. I am a man of girthy appetites. And, Alyssa, just one sweet looking dish. Enjoy.


Alyssa Miller Bikini Pictures Mostly to Make You Jealous of Jake Gyllenhaal

You've got to be jealous of somebody. I'm pretty sure that's a rule in the Good Book. So today I've chosen to be jealous of Jake Gyllenhaal. Not only did he get to spy on his overdeveloped older sister as a teen (okay, that was uncalled for), but now he's officially dating SI Swimsuit model Alyssa Miller. One of the few U.S. homegrown international models around. An L.A. girl through and through and looking all kinds of stellar in this Manor Swimwear catalog shoot.

It's not that I'm jealous of a guy who gets to see Alyssa without her swimsuit on at all pointing her finger at him in a 'come to me' type gesture, it's just that... no wait, actually that's exactly what I'm jealous of. It truly is the green-eyed monster that coveting thing. Someday, Alyssa, or if you have an even hotter friend than you somehow, you will be mine. Until then, I bide my time behind the curtain, which also keeps me from being arrested for public indecency. Enjoy.

Oliva Culpo’s See Through Dress Helps The Great Gatsby Get Greater

Wow, here she comes, Miss America, or, rather, Miss USA and Miss Universe, Oliva Culpo, jazzing up The Great Gatsby screening in New York by wearing a see-through dress top without any bra on beneath. And she pulls it off with flapper like aplomb, if I may say so.

We've not seen much of Olivia since her early splash after being named Miss Universe, but now we get to see a whole lot of her. I guess it was worth the wait. I certainly would have voted for her. Or, at least, called her back to my judicial chambers for a private time chance for her to explain precisely why she deserved to be crowned. I'm fair like that. Enjoy.

P.S I had to share Alyssa Miller looking all kinds of sideboob hot as well at the screening. Because, well, you know why.

Alyssa Miller Lingerie Pictures for Just the Perfect Amount of Sultry Sextastic in Silk and Lace

We really don't get to see enough of Alyssa Miller, not as much as we would like. Alyssa is a rare breed in being a native L.A. model gone big time, into the world of Sports Illustrated swimsuit, Guess brand advertising, and assorted hot lingerie modeling for the likes of Manor Lingerie, herein, and just epic hotness.

There's something about a sultry brunette in black and white barely wearing lingerie over her finely hewn form. And that something is called the need for a cold shower. Or a warm shower, if Alyssa happens to be slipping out of her camisole and joining you. Enjoy.

Alyssa Miller Ridiculously Smoking Hot in Revista GQ De Mexico

I feel like we only get to appreciate Alyssa Miller a few times a year, when the SI Swimsuit magazine edition comes out, or the rare occasional lingerie pictorial from the sultry Los Angeles native.

But, now, a whole new level of appreciation for the brunette hottie ensues thanks to a red hot covered topless photoshoot in this month's GQ Mexico that really highlights the many sextastic aspects of this vastly underrated model. Oh, sure, it starts with that amazing, perfect body, but there's something about that look she gives the camera that has us crawling through the lens wanting to give her a bowl of milk to lap up. Yeah, I mean real milk. Are you not seeing this too? Enjoy.

Alyssa Miller and Izabel Goulart Lead List of Super Hotties at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Kick-Off Party

Well, yes of course there's going to be a bevy of beauty at a kick-off party for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition because the party is all about honoring the world-class bikini models currently filling the pages of the magazine. And, yes, of course, somehow, our invitation got lost in the mail. Which is pretty unfortunate, because we had already purchased our six-legged Southwest Airlines ticket to get across the country (I think one leg of the Southwest trip involved taking off from Topeka then landing at the other side of the airport.)

While all the ladies of my current dreams looked exceedingly hot last night, Alyssa Miller and Izabel Goulart probably stole the hottie crown for the evening, and that's saying a ton at a party with the likes of Nina Agdal, Cintia Dicker, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, and Bar Refaeli. Now, that's a prime time pimping guest list.. Enjoy.