Abigail Clancy

Abigail Clancy Bikini Vacation Candidly Sextastic in Dubai

I tend never to get further than Vegas for my big winter vacation, but if you're wicked hot and a WAG and lingerie model like Abigail Clancy, you get a resort in Dubai for your holidays. Not that you don't deserve it. Or earn it once you get there. Even the people who didn't have to pay for it get the benefits of seeing your ridiculously hot body in not one, but two different smoking sextastic bikinis:

It's almost unfair really when a slender hottie with perfect ta's takes to the sandy shores in her equally perfect exhibitionist two piece swimsuits. But unfair is so much better than fair. Unfair envelops me in a familiar warmth, much like I would like to wrap Abigail Clancy in if I had the chance. I mean, familiar warmth, pushy sweaty hug, same difference, right? Enjoy.

Abigail Clancy Sideboob Livens Up Any Party

Fancy fashion parties are always extremely dull, until the first hottie flashing tons of sideboob shows up to the event. That would be sextastic WAG and model Abigail Clancy who arrived right on cue for the queue at the Fashion for the Brave event in London, showing off a solid amount of chestal goodness.

Oh, I know what you're saying, it's not so super much of a reveal. But trust me, when you're sipping on champagne and munching on cucumber sandwiches at the world's most boring party, you will be spending between 70-90% of your personal RAM capacity on ogling Abigail's funbags. Leering is a relative sport. The head turns naturally to the most alluring visual wonderment in any room. It's nature's way of tweaking your neck. Enjoy.

Abigail Clancy And Her Sweet Stretch Pants Booty Is Back in Chilly London

Many of you were first introduced or re-introduced to the lingerie model and soccer WAG Abigail Clancy last week when she was flashing her fine tooter around London in tight sweat pants. Today, yoga pants even in the chilly late October air of London, her tightly worked out bottom like a portable space heater for the visually highly-paired. It's not just a booty, it's a beacon of hope in the onset of the icy British winter.

Sometimes I think to myself, is it wrong to feel so much emotion and passion over the asstastic of a fine woman? Then I think to myself, no, of course it's not wrong, it's so ever right, and STFU for even asking yourself that silly question, you sod. I'm very hard on myself. I'd prefer to be hard on Abigail Clancy's sweet cheeks. I hope she'll take that as the compliment with which it was intended. Enjoy.

Abigail Clancy Booty Is Simply Tremendous in Sweats

Whoa. If it isn't lingerie model slash wife of Peter Crouch WAG Abigail Clancy candidly asstastic in tight sweat pants! Just look at that righteous booty. I may not eat for a week. Or, I may only eat food scooped from an ice cream dispenser in perfect hemispheric shapes. Whoa again.

We've seen Abigail Clancy in the past wearing even less, but this right here is a true testament to the simple power of a wonderful ass. I'm going to go write a poem now or build a clipper ship. Abbey, baby, I'm sailing toward your shores. Enjoy.

Abigail Clancy Nekkid in Hunger Magazine


Well, hello, hot nekkid soccer WAG, pleasure to see you once more.

Abigail Clancy, wife of Peter Crouch, and a lingerie model TV hostess hottie in her own right, is no shy girl. And today we benefit from her willingness to expose in a sort of crouching tiger like mini-pictorial in Hunger magazine. It could be less artsy for our tastes, though we always realize that's a common price we must pay to see some of our faves stripping off their clothes for the photographers. It's a girl thing. So we get to see Abigail's girl things. Enjoy.

Kissing Cousins Abigail Clancy and Chloe Cummings Hit the Town in Skimpy Dresses

And I'm pretty sure Chloe Cummings wasn't wearing a bra at all (wink wink nudge nudge).

Glamour model cousins and TV personalities and whatever other name you want to link to hot voluptuous girls in Britain who sleep with pro athletes and get TV show deals (here we just call them Kardashians) Abigail Clancy and Chloe Cummings  hit the Liverpool nightlife looking all kinds of wicked hot in the tiniest and tightest of dresses, including Chloe's top which some might call ethereal.

Most definitely worth a closer look. Or leer. Or lingering leer. Enjoy.

Abigail Clancy Super Sexy in Britty Cosmo Pictorial

We do so love our WAGs. Especially the super hot can't take our eyes off of them kind.

Model and TV personality Abigail Clancy has been tooting our horn for a few years now, somewhat widely underrated for her ability to capture men's gaze while still clad, albeit scantily. In her pictorial for this month's Cosmo U.K., the sextastic Scouser shows why sometimes a hot girl scantily clad on a staircase can be the hottest form of unspoken invitation. Enjoy.