Abigail Clancy And Her Sweet Stretch Pants Booty Is Back in Chilly London

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bill-swift - November 1, 2013

Many of you were first introduced or re-introduced to the lingerie model and soccer WAG Abigail Clancy last week when she was flashing her fine tooter around London in tight sweat pants. Today, yoga pants even in the chilly late October air of London, her tightly worked out bottom like a portable space heater for the visually highly-paired. It's not just a booty, it's a beacon of hope in the onset of the icy British winter.

Sometimes I think to myself, is it wrong to feel so much emotion and passion over the asstastic of a fine woman? Then I think to myself, no, of course it's not wrong, it's so ever right, and STFU for even asking yourself that silly question, you sod. I'm very hard on myself. I'd prefer to be hard on Abigail Clancy's sweet cheeks. I hope she'll take that as the compliment with which it was intended. Enjoy.