Can Britney Spears Get Back in Playing Shape?

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bill-swift - January 13, 2011

The once diva hottie suprema, Britney Spears, sort of fell on hard times and a whole lot of corn dogs in the past few seasons of the real life reality show Welcome to Britney's Trailer World. The hot-bodied, taboo breaking, boob busting, pop star flash forwarded herself into sloppy stained sweatpants and abusive boyfriends in what seemed like the wink of an eyes. But, now, it's comeback time for my former object d' serious lust. No, not her musical comeback, I've already heard the first single off her new album and can tell you that my iTunes shant be downloading that melodic spittle. But, as Britney hits the gym and dance studio every day in preparation for what will certainly be some assortment of nonsensical music videos and an overpriced world tour sucking the foreign currency out of the pocket of parents of teen girls worldwide -- will she ever look super hot again? As always, I'm lighting a candle and crossing my fingers. I always root for the underdog. And the corndog. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame