Bella Hadid Skin Tight Dress At The Nice Guy Club In LA

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bill-swift - April 21, 2016

Everybody who is anybody who has a lot of money and craves attention or gets paid to attend nightclubs has been showing up to the Nice Guy in West Hollywood of late. If you've been to one nightclub, you've been to every nightclub so outside of the one in Ibiza that has a foam cannon that shoots 200 feet, they're all entirely defined by which celebrities and hot women are in attendance. Everybody gets Drake on the iPod. We get it.

The Nice Guy has bartered their way into an undue amount of sextastic celebrity visitors including most recently the statuesque curvaceous model Bella Hadid in one super tight dress showing off her moneymaking curves. When Gigi Hadid broke big last year you couldn't possibly foresee that her younger sister just entering the business would soon catch if not surpass her. We're getting close. I'd need to see both sisters naked and spanking each other before making any final determination. Everybody has their methods. Mine ought be videotaped. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash