Becky G Breakout Sextastic Star of Power Rangers

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bill-swift - March 24, 2017

You knew the Power Rangers wasn't going to be a strong movie. It was nearly impossible even to fathom. But as with all content clouds, we here at Egotastic leer endlessly at the silver lining. Yellow lining that is for the Yellow Ranger, who also happens to be lesbionic now, the amazingly hot and sultry Becky G.

We've had Becky G on the radar for a while, now, despite her turning 20 but a few weeks ago. The Hispanic singer and self-described rapper and actress for hordes of screaming teen girl fans has all the tools of one stellar grown up hottie. You can see her electric looks, and that shocking body. It's all there. Time to release it, Becky G. Let me be your megazord. No, not there, it's lower. And we don't need any of the other Rangers to unite with us. Maybe Pink. She's alright. Enjoy.

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