Aubrey O’Day Gets Oiled Up in Her Underwear on Twitter, Because She is an Attention Whore

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bill-swift - July 13, 2009

It's basically all right there in the title, but I guess I could go into a little more detail. These pictures of Aubrey O'Day in her underwear getting oiled up and glitter blown onto her body in a very suggestive manner were taken during the rehearsals for Aubrey's stint in the Las Vegas show Peepshow, in which we hear that you get to see Aubrey O'Day naked. And because Aubrey is an attention whore, she then posted the pictures on Twitter. See, Twitter is useful after all.

But who hasn't seen Aubrey O'Day naked? Hell, go into any strip bar and you can see 10 women who look exactly like Aubrey O'Day naked all at once. And if you tip well, I'm sure you can get even more. And the same is probably true for Aubrey...