Ashley Tisdale Going to Ink Her Incredible Body (We Hope Her Tat Says, ‘Egotastic!, Call Me’)

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bill-swift - February 9, 2012

It's hard to imagine a more petite girl with hotter legs than former Hellcat cheerleader, Ashley Tisdale.

When she dons those short shorts in public, flashing those amazing gams, we just want to offer her money to let us shave her legs. It's just our thing, wrong as it may be, it would feel ever so right.

The fact that Ashley was on her way into a tattoo parlor did disturb us somewhat. Not that we're against inking in general, and we know some of you guys out there even have quite a fondness for body art on the ladies, but, let's be honest, celebrities choose some really stupid tattoo. Like, little slogans they heard last week in Kabbalah but don't really understand, or a quote form the self-actualization book they read part of last year that is a must read in Hollywood ever since it got pimped by Oprah, that sort of craptastic. Then a few years later when somebody has the nerve to tell them what it means, we have to watch them painfully go through laser tattoo removal. Think before you ink.

In general, our philosophy remains, super hot body, don't change a thing. Enjoy.