Ashley Greene Long Legs Are What’s For Christmas Dinner

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bill-swift - December 27, 2014

Ashley Greene is most definitely on that list of girls we used to ogle, leer, and occasionally virtually violate when we had alone time, who has subsequently disappeared mostly into the ether. At least from the realm of the public exhibitions and oft-glamorous appearances. I assume she's been up to something behind closed doors. Fair enough, but I hope she at least understands the void this has left in the happy points of our various organs.

Such it is that when we do catch sight of Ashley, in a pair of shorts despite the chill temperatures, we are compelled to stare fondly and remember better boobtastic times. Oh, those Greene legs are still fully long and attached to the Greene body that has gifted us so many lovely thoughts these past half-dozen years. If Ashley wishes more privacy in her life, all the power to her. Just be aware that the Egotastic relationship is a fixed pie. The more she keeps for herself, the less we get. So, yeah, kind of selfish too in a way. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet