Ashlee Simpson Flashes Legs Leaving Very Big Sister’s Baby Shower

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bill-swift - April 16, 2013

I'm feeling a little sympathetic toward Ashlee Simpson these days. No, not because of her dad's outing and subsequent divorce or her parents. Or her own divorce. Or the fact that her ex-husband is now suing for full custody of their kid, or threatening to do so, if Ashlee doesn't hit rehab for her party substances addiction. But because she has to attend one of her big sister's baby showers every five months or however quickly Jessica Simpson is able to get herself pregnant again after pushing out a pup.

Still, amid it all, Ashlee managed to wear a very short dress to the girly event and flash some of her slender stems, the same ones she'll likely soon be tanning in a Malibu beachside treatment facility. Expect her to be looking even better soon, or within three more Jessica Simpson baby deliveries. Enjoy.