Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson Sideboob In A Red Hot Swimsuit

The lovely Ashlee Simpson showed off her gorgeous plums in a sexy red swimsuit in Bali. Ashlee’s suit is mostly not there at all. The sides and back are completely gone. This allows us a view of glorious sideboob, and oh what a sideboob it is! Unlike her older sister Jessica, Ashlee’s ta’tas are more understated but no less sexy. I’ve always had more of a thing for Ashlee than Jessica. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because she seems a little more “girl next door” to me than her bombshell sister. That’s why I’m glad Ashlee and her funbags have resurfaced of late after many years out of the spotlight. What I know for sure is that if she keeps wearing stuff like this crypto-Baywatch boobtacular bathing suit, she is going to be in the news a lot more.

Bali is really far away. She should try being scantily clad closer to home. American beach goers need sideboob too, ya know.

Ashlee Simpson Bikini Pictures Down Cabo Way, Blurry, But All Simpson

It’s too bad we couldn’t get better shots of Ashlee Simpson on her much needed vacation from no work down in Cabo. She actually had a mighty fine body in a bikini the last time we did see her sporting the two-piece by the beach. The large floppy hat and sunglasses like she’s hiding from an international police warrant didn’t help the matter.

Still, we get a little glimpse of the oft-forgotten Simpson sister in a bikini. It’s not quite blow you away as the prime days of Jessica Simpson in her bikinis, before she turned her life over to Queen Bee status, still, it’s a little something caught from our favorite tree line perch. Let’s hope for better ones soon. Enjoy.

Ashlee Simpson Flashes Legs Leaving Very Big Sister’s Baby Shower

I’m feeling a little sympathetic toward Ashlee Simpson these days. No, not because of her dad’s outing and subsequent divorce or her parents. Or her own divorce. Or the fact that her ex-husband is now suing for full custody of their kid, or threatening to do so, if Ashlee doesn’t hit rehab for her party substances addiction. But because she has to attend one of her big sister’s baby showers every five months or however quickly Jessica Simpson is able to get herself pregnant again after pushing out a pup.

Still, amid it all, Ashlee managed to wear a very short dress to the girly event and flash some of her slender stems, the same ones she’ll likely soon be tanning in a Malibu beachside treatment facility. Expect her to be looking even better soon, or within three more Jessica Simpson baby deliveries. Enjoy.

Ashlee Simpson Bikini Pictures for the Skinnier Simpson Sister Reveal

Truth be told, I once worked my way hrough a salad bar line at a grocery store next to a young Ashlee Simpson. Before the blonde, before the baby, before she was married and divorced or broke up or whatever she is, even before her short-lived craptastic musical career. Just plain dark-haired teen Ashlee picking through the mushrooms as I perused the kidney beans for any signs of foreign objects that may have landed beneath the sneeze splatter guard. She turned to me, we shared a smile, as a woman does to a man she believes surely must be a stalker. It was rather magical.

Flash forward to post mommy days, though still a young woman and Ashlee Simpson is now a little blond MILFy mom on the beach in Hawaii, tending to her little brood and flashing a little of her petite body ‘neath her gear cap, it’s all kind of working. Kind of like how we worked that salad bar, oh, those many years ago, Ash. Enjoy.

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Cabo Wabo Bikini Madness: Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, and Juliette Lewis Flash Their Summer Bodies Down Mexico Way

Granted, if I was picking my all time down Mexico way bikini hot tub time trio of sexy celebrities, I might not come up with the trifecta of Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson, and Juliette Lewis, but I must give it up fro the unparalleled randomness of that South of the Border bikini threesome. I can’t ever remember a time we got to see such a nice glimpse of the Nicole Richie, partial workout, partial 90210 touched up, bikini body; and when you consider the fact that her little Cabo weekend party included a hot-bodied Ashlee Simpson, and, dare I say, even a ogle-worthy Juliette Lewis, well, the Mayan calendar be damned, because the Aztec calendar nearly jumped to first position in signaling the end of the world. Utterly random, utterly eclectic, utterly hot. Nothing left to do but enjoy.

(P.S. Technically, okay, yeah, there was a foursome to this girl gaggle. Samantha Ronson joined the bikini cast of the all-girl Cabo bikini weekend. Now, Cousin Jonathan put up a shizz-fit about Samantha Ronson never being seen by eyeballs on Egotastic!, but for those that want the complete bikini foursome, check out the rather boob-revealing Samantha Ronson bikini pictures on SocialiteLife.)

Ashlee Simpson’s Breasts and Baby Bump are Getting Bigger

Ashlee Simpson is out showing off her boobs and baby bump again, and it seems like we can’t get enough of her. Especially since we last saw Ashlee Simpson’s boobs, we were completely amazed. Of course, it makes you wonder whether people will care about Ashlee Simpson at all once she’s back to her normal body (if she’s ever back to her normal body), and carrying around a bunch of kids, and her gay husband. Judging by her album sales, though, they probably won’t.

More of Ashlee’s boobs and baby bump after the jump. Hey, that rhymes!

Photo credit: Flynet