Amber Rose Bare Booty Balcony Boobtastic With Bitty Bikini

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bill-swift - January 19, 2015

You know, considering how much malted beverage I consumed during the course of two football games this Sunday, I'm impressing myself with my ability to type with only my typical number of spelling and grammatical mistakes. As in many, but no more than usual. I just had to share these self-shared photos by Amber Rose on Facebook this evening featuring the shaved head model and former Kanye and Wiz Khalifa lady in just about the most undersized bit of bikini we've seen her in before, showing off on her Miami balcony. It's quite a memorably visual moment. It's just not a set of shapes you see all that often. It's, well, it's mesmerizing.

I'm not exactly sure how Amber even achieved the feat of climbing into this suit. I'll assume levels and measuring tapes and protractors were involved. It's rather ingenious really. Not to mention about as curvy as humanly possible without actually going full Humpty Dumpty. I'm impressed. And just a wee bit slack-jawed. Enjoy.