Zara Larsson Shimmers Outside A London Nightclub

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aldo-vallon - November 14, 2017

 Zara Larsson looks like she is coming back from, or going to, a taping for a reboot of the Soul Train music show. With all of the other reboots going around I cannot say that it comes as much of a surprise. I am still waiting for them to reboot the Teletubbies as four badass chicks who don't take no shit from anybody. I am sure that would one would be a hit.

There are so many sequins on that dress that they are causing me to have flashbacks to grade school art class. I am more than a little surprised to find that they have any real purpose in the fashion world. I thought they were only meant to serve as a training tool to teach kids about patience. Now I know what their real purpose is. The reason we had to use them for craft projects was to train us for a career in clothing manufacturing.

Any child who showed a special skill with the sequins would be shanghaied to China to work in a textile plant. It would all be done under the guise of sending them to fashion school. It is an ugly truth, but now you know it too.  

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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