Who’s Hottest Three-Way: Chantel Jeffries, Anastasia Kvitko, Lexy Panterra Sexy Celeb Battle Royale

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elliot-wolf - October 13, 2018

Typically, when I think about a triple threat, I think about the worst. But on rare occasions, like this one, tripling up is actually a good thing. And when you’re talking about Lexy Panterra, Chanel Jefferies, and Anastasia Kvitko all in the same breath, I don’t mind the mention of a threat because the last thing beautiful women are is menacing. Not only is the third time a charm in this instance, but the second and first time are too. Looking at all three of these women at the same time is like looking at three winning lottery tickets. It’s rare and very appreciated.

I think there’s too many moving parts in this machine to determine which one is the hottest. Lexy’s smile is an unstoppable force that will make anyone looking at it smile as well. I know I’m grinning right now. Chantel’s seduction is similar to an immovable object. She’s so attractive that her presence lingers in any room long after she’s gone like an apparition. And Anastasia is the icing on the cake. She’s so sweet I get a sore tooth just looking at her. I’d call you crazy if you were able to pick just one from a line up that looks this good.

Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA