When Nicole Richie Takes Off Her Stupid Hollywood Sunglasses, She’s Actually Pretty Hot

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bill-swift - March 22, 2012

When Nicole Richie tries to do her Victoria Beckham imitation with the oversized sunglasses and the refuse-to-smile scowl-face, she's just kind of meh. Very meh. It's just hard not to look like an aloof biyatch when you're doing so. But this past week Nicole is pimping some project big time, so she's off with the glasses and the perma-grimace and got herself dolled up in Miami and looking might fine.

We're not completely sold on Nicole for Egotastic!, but when she's got her shape into some form fitting mini-dresses and she's flashing a bit of the MILF body she works so hard on, sans stupid glasses, we are most definitely leering. Enjoy.