Week in Review: Lindsay, Jessica, and Bikinis

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bill-swift - April 22, 2006

As always, Lindsay Lohan had another big week. First, she ruined Saturday Night Live, after the cast of the show tried to stage an intervention, for the second time. Lindsay is also rumoured to be playing Sailor Moon, but before that, she'll be making her way to Africa to "help" with that whole AIDS thing.

It was a big week for Kylie Minogue, who was vacationing in the south of France, before heading back to Paris. But it's her sister Dannii, who's jealous of all the attention Kylie's getting because of her cancer.

On the scandalous side, Jessica Simpson is being sued for $100 Million. Good thing she has great cleavage. And Mandy Moore kicked out her parents, leaving them homeless, well not really.

Sienna Miller got death threats from muslim extremists, but it seems that she's okay, partying it up at MisShapes.

In naughty news, Keira Knightley likes sex better than being a celebrity, and Evangeline Lilly in Easter Bunny ears and hot pants is sure to get you going.

It was also a good week for celebrity bikinis with these Scarlett Johansson bikini pictures, and these Helena Christensen topless bikini pictures. And even though it's not bikini-related, a Tara Reid nipple slip is fine too.

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