Nina Dobrev Makes a Dick Joke!

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Echo Lawrence - August 20, 2020

Nina Dobrev is on a little COVID-19 vacation down in Tulum with Ruby Rose, I didn’t really know they were friends but I can’t say I keep with with either of them much. I did however notice when Nina made a dick joke on a photo of her with a peacock. And I noticed Ruby flirting with her in the comments, maybe I am assuming she’s flirting with her because she’s a lesbian, either way whats up with Nina wanting to pet cock? AND WHERE is Julianne Hough?

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  • Bando says:

    She wasn’t talking about the bird. It’s a peahen, not a peacock.

  • Dr Fowchi says:

    Ahhh, Nina Dobrev. Turning boys into men since 2005.

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