Lindsay Lohan Ruins Saturday Night Live

So, Lindsay Lohan was on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and by all accounts, the show sucked. And I mean really sucked. Of course, I’m happy to say I have enough of a life not to have been home at midnight on a Saturday. That’s the thing about Saturday Night Live. It’s more or less guaranteed to suck, yet people still stay home and watch it. Then again, if your home on a Saturday night, you don’t really deserve much better.

If you want, though, you can check out this video of Lindsay’s opening monologue bit, and the fake commercial they always have, in this case it was “Coinslot Creme.” This bit wasn’t that bad, of course, I’m not going to waste my time trying to download the rest of the episode to see if everyone else was right that it sucked.


And check out more pictures of Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live after the jump.