Vanessa Hudgens In A See-Through Bralet Is Everything You Need Right Now

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aldo-vallon - July 29, 2018

Are women going back to wearing blazers now? What is going to be next, shoulder pads and hair gel?

I knew the popularity of Stranger Things would only lead to turmoil. Now people are bringing back trends that were meant to stay dead for a reason. They were never supposed to live to begin with.

Blazers were a guy thing. We do not have much to call our own in fashion, and even what we have is not really desired. Suits are freaking hot, and but if you take off the jacket you look like a high schooler on his way to his first job interview. And that does not even cover the costs of getting it tailored. Not wearing the jacket because of the heat means you might as well have blended up all of that money and used it as compost.

I have spent more money on a tailor for a suit than I did on the actual suit (I don’t buy very expensive clothes). But if women want in on that kind of action, fine. But if it looks like they are wearing it straight off the rack then I will consider them untouchable.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA