Vanessa Hudgens’ Dog Steals the Leg Show!

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Tex Hollywood - May 29, 2020

Vanessa Hudgens posted up an iconic is it "Hot Dogs or is it Legs" style bikini pic that once took instagram by storm! It was a few years ago, when it was all new to us, and we were bright eyed and more open minded to racier, sillier things.

Since the social media platforms all got lame, despite having more nudes than ever, it also has way too many memes and political rants and has become a stressful experience.

When all we want is some "legs or hot dog" style photos to carry us on another week, moth, year, lifetime!

Vanessa Hudgens tapped into that need, possibly unintentionally, when capturing this pic of her ultra cute dog and I wanted to repost it to encourage everyone to go back to how we were before we were all freedom fighters in our own right that were all far too uptight!!

If you prefer her tongue:

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  • The Mighty Mackster says:

    I heard the dog was staring at a pussy?

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