Vanessa Hudgens Bares Her Midriff on Sweaty Hike

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bill-swift - January 4, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't seem to want her photograph taken or to be leered at in public. However, in the event you do, she definitely wants you to notice her hard worked toned abs, out in another bare midriff hiking outfit in warm sunny Los Angeles. I kind of like that planning on her part. Don't give in, but always look your best.

And Vanessa has been looking her best for some time now. Her commitment to both daily workouts and skimpy workout outfits has truly stimulated my desire for my own healthy body. Not my own, mind you, but one belonging to a lady that I may fondle without fear of arrest. Sort of my New Year's resolution. Along with more Vanessa Hudgens hot minxy ogling. Much more of that. Enjoy.