Turns Out, You SHOULDN’T Drug Your Girl to Get More Gaming Time

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chris-littlechild - July 14, 2015

Remember Call of Duty's CODnapped trailer? Of course you do. It was a fancy-ass live action affair, probably costing more to make than the entire Kardashian clan earn in a whole day. Maybe even with the sales from those shit man-scarves Yeezy used to sell thrown in too.

Anywho. The point is that men were arranging their own ‘codnappings,' so as to get some time away from their other halves to game in peace. The trailer was rife with piss-takery, natch, but suddenly the whole idea doesn't seem so drastic. After all, you could be this guy instead.

Over Germany way, a man has been fined 500 Euros ($550) for drugging his girl for that very purpose:

 ‘...the woman returned to their apartment in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany after a day at work and found the man stoned with his friend playing games,' quoth Kotaku. ‘The man admitted to the court that he had "put four or five drops" of the sleeping drug he had been taking "into her tea", a larger dose than he had had, and she slept from 10pm until noon the next day. At which point she got up and went to work despite, she says, "nodding off again and again."'

During the assault trial, the judge stated that, while she came to no harm, this sort of bastardry definitely constitutes ‘premeditated bodily harm.' The defendant, for his part, gave a full confession and admitted that what he did was ‘stupid.'

Shockingly, these two are no longer together.

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