Thug Notes Does ‘The Hobbit’ in Four Minutes With No Need for Evangeline Lilly

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bill-swift - August 22, 2013

Is everyone aware of Thug Notes? It's an ongoing web series whereby an urban gentleman (Dr. Sparky Sweets, PhD.) breaks down the great works of literature and adds some animation into the mix? It's a hoot, let me tell you.

Well, this week Thug Notes took on The Hobbit (the book, which is like the movie, but in words -- and came out many years before it) in about three years shorter than it took Peter Jackson could and did it without adding a single superfluous character that wasn't in that book thing. Like Evangeline Lilly. Who is she again? And what is she doing in literature's greatest journey-bound sausage fest?

I kid, of course, I'm insanely stoked to see what manner of The Brave meets Catniss Everdeen in Middle Earth capering she's going offer to the films. But I digress.

In addition to getting to the point quickly and summarizing the story, TN offers a poignant analysis of the story. Turns out, The Hobbit is actually all about greed and why greed is bad. Well, my mind is blown. Thanks, guys.

Thug Notes: check it.  Best part? It will cost you zero 'chedda'. ('Chedda' is what the thugs these days call money. Fascinating.)