This ‘Street Fighter’ Illusion is Some of the Coolest Art You’ll Ever See

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chris-littlechild - March 8, 2016

Now, I’m no fancy-ass artist. I’m no fan of fancy-ass art either, come to that. I can’t tell a Jackson Pollock from the mess the neighbor’s poodle made on my driveway when I ran over the little bastard a couple years back. Nor could anybody else, true enough, but still. Art is not my bag.

If we’re talking Whistler’s Mother, the Mona Lisa or Damien Hirst pickling half an animal in a tank of formaldehyde (what the holy hell was that all about?), you can count me out. Nuts to that. But this? This, I can begrudgingly get on board with.

How many hours of my childhood did Street Fighter II eat up? Too many, that’s how many. This was an arcade phenomenon, right here, and the mere mention of it tickles my nostalgia glands and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my happy parts. So, then, does this little slice of awesome from Awe Me.

Below, for your ogling pleasure, is a chalk illusion based on Ryu’s iconic stage from the game. I don’t want to know how long this took, but we can all agree it was time well freakin’ spent. Take a look.

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