Kate Beckinsale’s Booty Shake

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egoadmin - February 11, 2020

Kate Beckinsale posted this amazingly hot and funny clip of here dancing in a pair of leggings, or are they yoga pants, I don't know the difference between all this active wear that women are wearing every day, to every occasion. It's just great booty every direction.

Her caption was: "Choose a dance partner of equal ability if possible". Amazing.

It is not the first time she uses her cool looking cat as a prop or costar, and we can hope it is not the last time she does a skinny little booty shake video because it is hot.

Kate Beckinsale is always a crowd favorite and in her mid-40s is almost inspiring because she's aged so well, you'd think she was a vampire from her Underworld series. Has anyone ever seen her out during daylight??

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