This Homemade 50 Years of 007 Montage Puts the Oscars Tribute to Shame (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 28, 2013

Of all the possible things I can complain about when discussing last Sunday's Oscar's telecast (like when Jennifer Lawrence fell, but not on me), nothing angered me more than that half-assed, thrown together Bond tribute. For a show already bloated with garbage tributes and nonsense, was a lackluster clip montage that looked like they pulled it off some high school kid's vimeo account and one song from Shirley Bassey really necessary? Why not have Bassey do a medley of all three theme's she sang? Or maybe even have an actual James Bond actor introduce it? Eh? Or maybe have a couple other singer's show up to perform along with her? You did a Marvin Hamlisch tribute later on in the night. Hey, here's an idea, he wrote 'Nobody Does it Better' with Carly Simon, maybe that would've been a good way to tie the two together?

In any event, Youtube user Kees van Dijkhuizen jr. has created a montage of his own that surpasses anything the Academy did over the weekend and it's probably one of the best Bond tributes I've ever seen, incorporating clips from every Bond movie cut together with more precision than that strange drill Carver gets killed with in Tomorrow Never Dies.

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