They Killed The Texas Chupacabra

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bill-swift - April 10, 2014

I told you last week about a mysterious creature that was captured by a Texas couple that many felt was a genuine Chupacabra. Well, the creature was put down by the couple who had named the blood-sucking demon Chupie. Unlike most Chupacabra sightings that are just coyotes with mange, this thing was something different. The couple was told that it was a raccoon with mange. I don't buy it. Look at the creature. Does that look like a raccoon to you? Does its face resemble that of a raccoon? And while we're at it do its hands look like dog's paws? No. It's entirely possible that this thing was a previously unknown species or that it really was the blood sucking alien from outer space. But Texas being Texas they killed the thing.

I think the government got to them. Clearly they were trying to create an army of the vampiric creatures to hunt down terrorists and whatnot. Then this yokel named Bubba captures an escaped Chupacabra and makes national headlines. That's the real reason they had to kill the beast. It's a top secret experiment gone array or proof that the government knows about aliens.

Or it's just a raccoon with mange.

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