‘The Predator’ Brings His Hell Hounds to the Fight in New TV Spot for Upcoming Film (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - August 27, 2018


First introduced into the franchise in the PS2 game Alien versus Predator: Extinction, the notion of quadruped beast in the world of Predator was first incorporated into the films with 2010's Predators. The titular creatures in that film were the proud owners of Hell Hounds, using them like tracking dogs to smoke out their prey.

Although Shane Black's upcoming The Predator is a direct continuation of the story started in the first two Predator films, he's not immune to borrowing cool bits of Predator ephemera, like the Hell Hounds. This new TV spot doesn't call attention to their existence, but we get two brief shots of the animals that make them look at least slightly different from the ones in that 2010 film.

Apart from the addition of the revised Hell Hounds, the rest of this TV spot is pretty standard stuff, showing Boyd Holbrook's mercenary character facing interrogation after a mission gone wrong. While the two films were likely in production at the same time, I can't help but notice the many similarities between this and Annihilation from earlier this year. I imagine the films will be structured the same, and we now know that both flicks include Hell Hounds.

On second thought, the similarities likely end there, but you never know. There are worse films to get compared to. Shane Black's The Predator opens two weeks from Friday, on September 14.