The New Wonder Woman Trailer Is Both Sexy And Awesome

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michael-garcia - July 25, 2016


Saturday the trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie premiered at San Diego Comic-Con and people went nuts. The movie stars hottie mchottipants Gal Gadot as the Amazonian warrior princess Diana. We saw her briefly in the schlocky trainwreck that was Batman V. Superman. She was frankly the best part of that dumpster fire of a movie. But in this film, coming out next June, she doesn't have to deal with wooden Henry Cavill or chin vagina-having wonderboy Ben Affleck. The movie starts out during World War II when soldier Chris Pine washes up on Diana's hidden island. Then Diana joins the war effort with her magic lariat and sword. Gal Gadot can tie me up and make tell the truth any day.

I was a little kid when the old Wonder Woman TV show was on with Lynda Carter. She was my first crush. Lynda Carter in that Wonder Woman outfit was the first time that I realized I was indeed heterosexual. I'm sure that Gal Gadot will do that for many a lad today. And lady. No judgement. 

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