‘The Evil Within’ Continues Shoveling on the Creepy-Ass: New TGS Trailer (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - September 20, 2014

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of horror. The first is a more subtle affair. Psychological horror is about maintaining and developing that atmosphere of pure creepy-ass, until you're left a sobbing, fearful husk before your TV set (although, obviously, mantastic as we all are, that's never happened to us). Perhaps you've also shat your undercrackers.

While we're generally generalizing it up with our generalizations, this is more of a Japanese style. Secondly, there's the ‘Western' approach to horror. This is a more blunt, balls-out gore-leaky deal, with flayed limbs flying about the room and impaled scrotes and all of that fun stuff.

So, The Evil Within, which side are you on? First and foremost, the game has always emphasised its goretacular ideals. We expected hideous beasts from the depths of Satan's u-bend to chew on our faces, and we've got them. But let's spare a moment for the underlying story too.

Is there enough macabre weirdery going on behind the scenes? Perhaps. There's an enigmatic melty-faced dude prattling about something or other, anyway. Who is this crazy bastard? How does he now 'own' you, and what is he going to make you do? Shouldn't he try to Krazy Glue his effing skin back on?

Check it out above, as this latest TGS trailer (via IGN) fails to answer all these questions. And a couple more besides.