Taylor Swift Turns Bondi Beach Into Some G-Rated Ogle Worthiness

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bill-swift - March 13, 2012

Bondi Beach really is one of the best leering destinations in this world. Were it not for a minor arrest there after an obvious misunderstanding involving a pair of binoculars and a tube sock with a pet name, well, I'd spend far more time there on the lookout for sexy celebrities in hardly any clothing. Thankfully, we have backup. Always have backup. And while we didn't capture much skin, it's ever so hard to do with the demure Taylor Swift, we did get a chance to see the innocent young pop-country diva digging her toes into the sand along the famous Aussie shoreline.

It's not exactly prime time wankathon material, but it can definitely lead to a 'and then, three mojitos later, you wouldn't believe what she did...' kind of day dreams. Those are my favorite. Enjoy.