Tara Reid Gets Sexy and Honest (Do We Want That?) in Loaded Magazine

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bill-swift - May 8, 2012

Going out and getting drunk is not a crime, lots of people do it.

That and ever so much more honest and wise confessions from Tara Reid can be found in this month's Loaded magazine in the U.K., where like so many of her fellow Yankee lushes before her, Tara has found a new celebrity home.

Still, we can't deny, that Tara does look might fine in a number of her photos from this pictorial, which might be touched just a tad by brush, but there's still always something there worth checking out when Tara goes for the sextastic look.

Having her represent the U.S.A. abroad as an ambassador of our nation, well, that's another matter. But boobtastic in bikini tops, yeah, that still works. Enjoy.