January Jones Lingerie Clad for X-Men: First Class Indeed!

Fanboys, to your bicycles!

Can we all agree that sexy January Jones, you know, prior to becoming pregnant by a mystery man who may or may not be genetically identical to the Claudia Schiffer’s husband, was one super hot choice to portray Emma Frost, especially since Emma Frost is bound by hottie geek comic code to don sexy silky lingerie as part of her fineries. And, wow, take a look at these promotional stills from the upcoming X-Men: First Class, opening so soon that the unemployed parents’ basement dwellers are already trying to figure out how to untangle their outdoor tents to lineup for the premiere of the film. I’m actually going to be one of them, although it won’t be a tent, so much as a shrine to January Jones (and hottie d’ jour, Jennifer Lawrence, of course) who will make this film eminently ogle-able. Enjoy.

Zoe Kravitz and January Jones First Class Sexy for X-Men Premiere in New York

I’ve always felt there was something wrong with me, like I didn’t quite fit in, like I was different than everybody else, but I knew that someday, I’d discover that I had special powers that would explain my feelings of isolation and loneliness. But that never happened. Turns out that just nobody wanted to play with me (except for Mr. Sanders, the kindly local public librarian, but that is a story for a different day).

I’m kind of geeked to see X-Men: First Class. I’ve dug the series, you know, forgetting the third installment, and this prequel looks like it avoids the cinematic origin story dumpfest that was Star Wars Episode 1. Plus, of course, there’s the hottie factor. Jennifer Lawrence was sadly unavailable for the N.Y.C. premiere of the film last night, but underrated halfsies Hebrew school hottie, Zoe Kravitz, and the quite noticeably pregnant (maybe or maybe not at the hands, err, hands, of Claudia Schiffer’s husband) sexy Mad woman, January Jones, were in attendance to kick off the fanboy faptastic film adventure. Yep, I’m lining up soon. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Does Her Best to Be Sexy in GQ Photoshoot

I’m not sure who decided to go with the uber-retro swimsuit thingee for my latest ingenue crush, Jennifer Lawrence, the toe-headed hottie who just about stole every red carpet hotness trophy this recent award season once nominated for her role in Winter’s Bone (and who I am already drooling in anticipation of her portrayal of the nekkid type mutant, Mystique in the next installment of X-Men). This cleavetastic actress from out Kentucky way has three elements to her personality that I simply love: blonde, chesty, and never complains aloud when I play super-interested-OB/GYN-doctor-in-training in my nightly dreams about her. In fact, she just coos. Despite the pretty lame layout for this pictorial, kudos to the good men and women of GQ for highlighting the hotness that is Jennifer Lawrence, who at 20 years of age is just on the cusp of sextastic thespianic awesomeness. Enjoy.

Halle Berry Likes Kinky Mutant SeX

I don’t know what it is about those X-Men girls, but they are a kinky bunch. First we heard about how Rebecca Romijn is into public sex and domination, and now there’s news about Halle Berry, and her costume fetish. Sky Showbiz reports that Halle had a thing for bringing her X-Men costume into the bedroom to spice things up.

The saucy minx revealed to US chat show host Conan O’Brien that her tight, rubber X-Men costume works quite well in the bedroom.

“Yeah, I wear it sometimes. You gotta keep your life spiced up.

“Storm never has sex in the movies – but Storm has a lotta sex at my house.”

And the lucky chap who gets to partake?

Halle’s model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry – they’ve been dating since meeting on a Versace shoot in November 2005.

Okay, they couldn’t have written a scene like that for Halle in the movie? No, we had to sit through all her boring monologues, and ridiculous spinning around. That’s not fair. Nope, not fair at all. Still, that’s one fantasy comic nerds can drool to.

More Halle Berry pictures after the jump.


X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Egotastic! Approved!

Well, I just got back from the 12:01 am screening of X-Men 3: The Last Stand. No, my Elite Blogger status did not grant me access to any special sneak peeks, but my Elite Nerd status made sure I was waiting in line 3 hours before the show started.

So, was it good? Well, if you are a fan of the first two X-Men movies, you have nothing to fear going into this one. Yes, it’s true, in the case of X-Men fans vs. Brett Ratner, the director aquitted himself nicely. It could be the post-movie adrenaline talking here, or the caffeine from that 1.5 litre Coca-Cola, but I might even go so far as to say it’s better than the others. Yes, I really did just say that.

The action was great, but there was still a lot of the character development, and pacing that made the first two movies what they were. Story-wise, this movie takes a lot of chances, and they pay off, big time. Sure, there were a few cheesey lines, but they were few and far between, and the best characters are still the best characters.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was as good as ever, Ian McKellen once again kicks ass as Magneto, and no one can replace Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier. Even Halle Berry as Storm finally got her moment to shine, though the lameness of the character was hard to overcome, so it’s not really her fault, though, she could have tried to bring a little more life to it. New characters like Kitty Pryde played by Ellen Page, Juggernaut played by Vinnie Jones, and, of course, Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Hank McCoy (aka Beast) were great additions that added new life to the series. There were also a ton of secondary mutant characters that were pretty cool too.

I’m not going to spoil any plot points for you, but I will say this: Stay till the end. Stay past the end. After the credits there’s an extra scene that you don’t want to miss. Trust me.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Egotastic! if we didn’t have a ton of pictures of sexy stars, so here’s Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn and the rest of the cast at the X-Men premiere in Cannes. And check out Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake aka Ice Man) totally scoping out Halle Berry’s cleavage in the first pic. That’s classic. Way, way more pictures after the jump.


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Trailer

Um… Wow? So I think the new trailer for X-Men 3: The Last Stand was really pretty good. I mean, the action looks cool. The story seems intense (though borrowing heavily from Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men). And they pretty much threw in every mutant character ever in the series, but there’s just something missing. It’s hard to pin-point, but I’d say it’s that little bit extra that just makes you jump up and down with anticipation. I guess it just didn’t pass the fanboy test.

I think it all boils down to the Ranter Factor. I must say, however, Kelsey Grammer as Beast looks amazing, and I’m fairly stoked to see Angel, too.

But, decide for yourself.


Also, check out the screencaps from the X-Men 3 trailer, after the jump.

X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer

Well, so far so good. With the release of the X-Men 3 promo pictures earlier, and now the teaser trailer, I have to say, Brett Ratner may not be a complete fuck-up. But anyone can cut a good trailer. I’m not dissapointed yet, but I am holding back on my enthusiasm for the time-being. Who knows. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised, than completely let down. Marvel is doing the smart thing by lowering everyone’s expectations.

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