Maria Menounos Takes a Sweaty Kick-Ass Turn as a WWE Diva!

Talk about a wonderful harbinger of hotness. Our lady of the sextastic, Grecian goddess Maria Menounos, took a turn yesterday as a WWE Diva in a Summer Slam promotion that saw her cleavetastic halo grappling, lunging, and choking out various female wrestling opponents. I felt a little loss of oxygen my ownself leering at this truly extraordinary and completely unexpected sight. Not since the merging of chocolate and peanut butter have I felt such a rush of synergistic tingle.

I have absolutely no idea the forces that made this stellar visual possible, but whoever was in charge, I want to hug them. Unless it’s a big sweaty dude, in which case I’ll just do my usual of casually slipping a twenty-spot and asking for a center stage seat to check out Savannah. Oh, not even as good today as Maria flashing her toned tummy betwixt the turnbuckles. How badly do I want her to kick my ass? Oh, quite badly. Enjoy.

The Bella Twins Are Hot Pimping Their New Show

Hmm, I’m in New York this week. The Bella Twins are in New York this week. Could it be… oh, stop with the scandal mongering already. Don’t you think I’d be the first one to brag about any discreet indiscretions? Any sweetest taboos? Oh, yes, I would. Ever since I had my first kiss in fourth grade I’ve kissed and told. So, sadly, no, there’s no Bella-Egotastic sandwich taking place in the Big Apple. I’d know if there was, as I’d be crying.

The two hot brunette wrestling divas, fresh off of a nipple baring in-ring performance, are N.Y promoting their new wrestling show which premiered last night, and if it features the Bella having lots of wardrobe malfunctions, I predict it will do very well. There’s nothing finer than the sight of smoking sweet twins. Enjoy.

The Bella Twins Nipple Slip Flashes Full Boob on WWE Raw

Bella Twins Nipple Slip on WWE Raw
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To be fair, it was really just Brie Bella (I believe) of the wrestling Bella Twins whose fabulous funbag came completely out of her top last night on WWE Raw.

Thanks to a million and one of you professional wrestling fans who immediately spotted this special disturbance in the Force and sent us word. The Bella Twins follow in the fine tradition of hottie wrestling divas, though we often do have to wait for the occasional wardrobe malfunction to see their bare turnbuckles. And on TV now less. WWE might finally be giving a nod to building a larger audience.

I love the sight of bare wrestling girl boobs in the morning. Enjoy.

When Wreslter’s Think They Can Act! And No Hulk Hogan, Your Sex Tape Doesn’t Count, But Suburban Commando Does

It turns out that beneath all of the high-flying antics, ridiculously tight trunks and make-up all wrestlers really want to do is act. Not pummel their opponent repeatedly with a steel chair or feel their sweat press against their skin in a homo-erotic dance to the death!

No, inside they’re all Laurence Olivier. So now it’s the turn of Dave Bautista, know to WWE aficionados as Batista, to get before the camera in RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists. But Dave isn’t the first wrestler to dabble in acting, here are 5 other wrestlers who attempted to infiltrate show business.

Brock Lesnar Comes Home! (VIDEO)

Watch Video

When he left we didn’t like it, but we understood. The man wanted to see what he could do in other sports. He’s young; why not? After a brief dalliance with the NFL and a handful of fights as a UFC fighter, the man, the myth, the legend has come home!

The former three-time WWE Champion made his return to professional wrestling last night on the popular program Smackdown! I’d go on to tell you more about his return, but instead I’m just going to say watch the video; I don’t want to ruin it for you.

I will say this though–the man is still the baddest dude on the planet!

Article by Travis Pulver