Slutty Ronda Rousey At Her WWE Premiere Is Gonna Be This Year’s Best Halloween Costume

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elliot-wolf - April 10, 2018

Ronda Rousey is one woman that I would love to let wrestle me. She’d even win every match. Not because I’d let her, but because I could never lay a hand on such a hot woman. Even in competition. I’d be the proudest loser around being beat by a girl. I know every bodyslam and backflip from the top rope, pinning me to the mat means that she’s into me. I’d be willing to go every round in the ring with Rousey and I would only tap out when she feels we’ve made a connection.

Ronda in her outfit makes me realize I was missing out on things that I didn’t know I needed. Like being wrestled into a submissive position by someone in a Catholic school girl skirt and motorcycle jacket. Rousey even looks like a hot principal in her white suit dress. If there’s a student that needs to be taught a lesson, it’s me. I hope she decides that class is in session and isn’t afraid to get hands-on when it comes to instructing me. She obviously knows what she's doing if she can keep such a pretty face intact after being involved in close combat for all of her career.

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