W Magazine Posts:

Amanda Seyfried Is a Trashy Bikini Cowgirl (Yeah, I Know, Awesome)

There are many ways I'd love to see Nordic princess Amanda Seyfried, and while nekkid in my bed calling me hither remains a firm number one on my list, this view of Amanda all tarted up and in a bikini and cowgirl boots is pretty damn nice as well. I'm not sure who at W magazine got the idea to put Amanda into such a cosplay pose, but kudos to you style mavens who are mostly trying to please your female readership. We men need a little something something from time to time, though we don't ultimately purchase your elixirs and tonics.

Amanda Seyfried is one of those elusive minxes who disappears for months on end, then suddenly reappears ready to make you feel happy and tingly all over. I guess she knows the secret of Santa Claus. If you only come around every now and then and leave gifts, you will become one of the most beloved figures. Amanda, you are my Santa. Now, let's find you some milk and cookies. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Topless, Cindy Crawford Covered Nekkid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nipple Show Highlight the Epic W Magazine Pictorial


I know people make fun of me for my vast women's magazine subscriptions. Go on, chuckle, just like the middle school skate gang that terrorizes me outside my own stoop when I go to retrieve my lady journals. But who has the last laugh when the very first Miley Cyrus topless pictures show up in W Magazine, along with Lara Stone topless, Miranda Kerr barely covered nekkid in the bed, and Cindy Crawford, well, damn. Oh, why not throw in Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley in a see-through bra, Vanessa Hudgens different looking hotness, Milla Jovovich stunning, Rita Ora biting on a bed sheet, and Ciara looking boudoir sextastic.

It's only one of the finest magazine photo spreads ever. Certainly monumental, epic, and initiating the clarion call for a little private time viewing. Yep, who's laughing now Mr. Postman, old neighbor lady, skate kids, and mom? You've had your fun belittling me through the years. I'll take my topless wicked hot celebrity photos and my perfume samplers, thank you very much. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Topless Outtake from W Magazine (Are These Miley’s Sweet Teats?)


Well, you never quite know about these topless outtakes, but I'm willing to go with this visual notion of Miley Cyrus topless in a quite delicate black and white photo from her recently covered nekkid photo spread in W magazine. I'd like to give a conditional 'woohoo' for some petite but perfect knockers.

At this point we've seen so much of Miley, I'm still trying to puzzle piece together her nekkid body from all photos of the pop diva taken from at least age of 18 onward flashing various top and bottom body parts. Thanks to a bunch of you for sharing this photo of Miley and what appears to be her first legit glamour photo. But, you never know, do you? This is why I stamp all the topless photos with my authentic mark of human tears. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Nipple Slipping and Covered Nekkid and Oddly Shorn in W Magazine

This is an odd one indeed. I can't tell what is tricks of the camera and what is post, but Miley Cyrus looks little like Miley Cyrus in this definitely worth checking out pictorial in the upcoming edition of W magazine. She's definitely nekkid save for a few accessories keeping her modesty, such as it is. But she also looks a tad like Space Miley, come from distant galaxies to get her party-on maybe since she's told us she can't stop.

My feelings are confused, which is unusual for me when looking at a girl without many clothes on. I'm typically more narrow of focus and pure of heart toward prurient interests. This one I have to think about, even as I realize the doctors say that thinking is not so good for my kind of brain. Enjoy.

Katy Cocktease Covers W Magazine

Katy Perry has never been happier. She's got another successful album of pop ditties out. She's soon to be engaged to John Mayer, which I suppose is many a girl's dream (why not me??). And she's a fine looking woman. But does all that contentment mean we're getting any closer to seeing Katy's fully bared yabbos in pictures? Now, you're just California Dreaming.

Katy covers the current W magazine, looking her usual lust-inducing semi-flashing self. The kind of allure that makes it all that much more difficult to think she will never  share her bodacious gifts with the rest of the world, outside of making big dough off the tease. It all seems so unfair when I think about it completely selfishly. And how else to view the world but through that lens? Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez Classically Sextastic for W Magazine

Again, a bit of acknowledgment of the work for the boys in post-production on these photos, not to mention some credit for this straightest of super masculine straight males for purchasing W magazine, both for the fabulous wardrobe advice and to see the sights of such veteran hotness as Jennifer Lopez in this highly stylized pictorial.

Say what you will about Jennifer Lopez, but you can not say she isn't holding her own now as a mom in her 40's, still just one incredible looking lady with a dancer's body and that God-gifted booty of hers. If I had an actual bed post, or footboard, or anything resembling more than an Ikea faux wood bed frame, I'd love to see J-Lo wrapped slinkily about it in various little boudoir dresses.

Jenny from the Block still remains one of the stellar veteran sextastics, maybe it's all that backup dancer fun time she's been having of late. But she seems to be shining. Enjoy.

Emma Watson All Grown Up and Ready to She-Dazzle in W

Emma Watson sure did grow up fast. I feel like I've been watching her closely ever since, well, ever since it wasn't really socially correct to admit to such a following. But at some point over the past year or so she started doing all this grown up modeling and posing and styling and while it's clearly way too much clothing involved, it's really pretty damn hot.

Her latest foray into the grown up world of modeling features a highly done up Emma Watson in W magazine. Evoking all sorts of images of glamorous ladies of the past, not to mention a future fifteen minutes of fun I'd love to experience with Emma. Granted, ten of those minutes would be spent trying to undo her fancy frock, but five minutes is more than enough time to repeat the phrase 'Oh, Emma, I've wanted you too for so long.' Enjoy.