Emma Stone Drops a Little Look-At-Me-Emma in W Magazine

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bill-swift - January 25, 2013

Laugh all you want, as the middle school kids who bully me outside my pied-à-terre each middle of the month as I reach for my stack of freshly delivered women's magazines, but I will have the last laugh as many of these periodicals are rife with the low hanging fruit pluckings of some of the hottest women in Tinsel Town (not to mention fragrance samplers!).

Take for instance W magazine, in which certain months the W stands for 'wow', as in, wow, Emma Stone sure looks like a girl who I'd let be my girlfriend in the current edition of the magazine, So maybe I'm fantasizing too much about me and Emma making out heartily on the Jumbotron between innings at the ball game (not to mention what we end up doing in the stairwell behind Section 31 when nobody is watching), but Emma just strikes me as the hot girl next door who you'd really like to help with her homework, if her homework were human anatomy and the exploration thereof. Enjoy.