Emma Watson All Grown Up and Ready to She-Dazzle in W

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bill-swift - May 17, 2013

Emma Watson sure did grow up fast. I feel like I've been watching her closely ever since, well, ever since it wasn't really socially correct to admit to such a following. But at some point over the past year or so she started doing all this grown up modeling and posing and styling and while it's clearly way too much clothing involved, it's really pretty damn hot.

Her latest foray into the grown up world of modeling features a highly done up Emma Watson in W magazine. Evoking all sorts of images of glamorous ladies of the past, not to mention a future fifteen minutes of fun I'd love to experience with Emma. Granted, ten of those minutes would be spent trying to undo her fancy frock, but five minutes is more than enough time to repeat the phrase 'Oh, Emma, I've wanted you too for so long.' Enjoy.