Vijat Mohindra

Miley Cyrus Black Swimsuit Cleavy Goodness Signals a Good Week

I’m not one for omens, but when a bird as body hot as Miley Cyrus appears in a revealing Vijat Mohindra shot photo on my window sill, it’s likely a harbinger of a solid week of the sextastic to come.

So I guess I do believe in omens. And the benefits of Pilates, as evidenced by how Miley has transformed her body from spastically leaning girl to fully erect woman, as it were.

At some point soon I suspect we’ll see the whole bare package and really value the benefit of a solid workout regimen. Enjoy.

Why Is Miley Cyrus Nekkid in a Bathtub?

They say some questions are better left unasked, but I don’t who they are, because we here at Egotastic! never stop asking questions, despite the fact we rarely ever come up with answers.

For instance, why is little pop diva Miley Cyrus barely covered nekkid in the bathtub? Not that we’re complaining, just asking, but in this very brief Vijat Mohindra photoshoot, the never-looked-better 19-year old gravel voiced singer pretty much flashes all of her body art in the porcelain bathing vessel and we’d like to know why. Or just see more. Actually, now that I think about it, just the latter.

Miley Cyrus keeps showing us oglers more and more; clearly she wants to be fully nekkid. I think it’s high time she climbed out of that tub and greeted us properly and memorably. Enjoy.