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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Doubles Up with Cyborg Slicing Fun (VIDEO)

So many cyborgs will die

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be here in just a few short weeks and there has never been a better time to dust off your ninja blade and boot up your cyborg battle software because this new entry in the Metal Gear universe will be slashtastic. There’s no time for stealth and no need for bullets when you take control of a cybernetically enhanced Raiden this time around. You’re getting new weapons to deal with new enemies and a super sophisticated combat system that’s tough to master and easy to learn. Read more… »

Dead Space 3 Fires Up the Stretch RunHype With Fresh Launch Trailer (VIDEO)

Terror is meant to be taken down

You should already be tinkering with Dead Space 3 demo on your home console by now. For those of you who can’t be bothered with such things as actually playing a free sample of a hot upcoming video game you’re left with spiffy, highly polished trailers showing off the dramatic elements of the deep space survival horror game. Take Down Terror is the name of this particular piece and in it you’ll see our hero walking in snow on a desolate mountain and reflecting on recent events in his life. A knock-off version of Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight” is playing in the background, building until the thrilling conclusion of the trailer. With all that said, you still have to watch it to get the full effect. And I don’t care what anybody says, you don’t just F with Phil Collins tunes. That guy did more for sneakers as business casual fashion than anybody before or since.

Bioshock Infinite Gets the Newsreel Treatment on Columbia’s Backstory (VIDEO)

There's no newsreel that will explain this

Bonus cool points to Irrational Games for the psychedelic sounds and visuals at the top of this newsreel video clip. Talk to anybody old enough to remember the intensity of experimentation in the 1960s and they’ll tell you that this is what the world looked and sounded like when you were on drugs back then. Don’t know what that says for the quality of the products they were using, but depending on how you like your highs, modulated and “rainbowy” was the first and only option for an entire generation. And that’s the generation that created the iPhone. Keep that in mind.

Moving on though, the meat of this video offers the backstory to who and what will make Bioshock Infinite such an engaging story. And, make no mistake, this will be as an engaging a story as any of the Bioshock games before it. That’s what rich characters and detailed settings give you. Have a look and keep in mind that you’ll likely be destroying a lot of things and places in Columbia when you fire up Bioshock Infinite in a few weeks.

Dead Island Riptide Jabs You with a Ton of New Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

More than nine minutes of great stuff

If you’re interested in Dead Island Riptide then take your time soaking up the details in this nine minute mega walkthrough. There’s a spiffy voiceover to help you understand the awesome you’re seeing and lots of walking around dealing with enemies. That’s what Dead Island Riptide is going to be about: killing zombie tourists in the name of survival. Don’t fight that fact, just roll with it and you’ll appreciate this game a lot more.

Halo 4 Continues the Good Fight with More Spartan Ops (VIDEO)

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The episodic roll out of Halo 4′s post-launch standalone mode/DLC Spartan Ops continues with even more story, battles and co-op missions. We’ve deviated from the expected 10 episodes in 10 weeks that we had been told, but that’s okay. You needed a break around the holidays so you could spend time with your Aunt Tilly and her “old world” approach to cuisine. Those chicken wings weren’t going to boil themselves.

In any case, we’re up to episode 7 now and Dr Halsey’s story continues to unfold, revealing all sorts of new information about the Halo universe and the Spartan program in particular. You should never just jump out there and trust scientists like that. After a few years, a little proof and a little evidence, sure. I’m looking at you climate change deniers.



Bioshock Infinite Hits You with the Industrial Revolution (VIDEO)

This is a revolution of sorts as well

There’s going to be a whole lot to like about Bioshock Infinite when it lands in just a few weeks. The Industrial Revolution pack is a splendid pre-order option that will give players five lock picks (!), 500 bucks and three gear items that will boost your abilities. All of those things are of course in-game elements, not actual stuff you can use in your real, pathetic life. Why the hell would Irrational Games give you five lockpicks, knucklehead?

On top of those in game items you’ll also get a bonus puzzle game that will give you access to additional content about the in-game world of Columbia. Somehow they’re also giving you access to Facebook for part of the pre-marketing plan but that part doesn’t really make sense to me. Facebook is already everywhere and you don’t need Bioshock Infinite or anything else to get that service into your life. Skip that one. It’s all about lock picks, folks. Get on that.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Conjures Up Fresh Trailer (VIDEO)

There will always be monsters to slay

The first time around for Dragon’s Dogma was successful –some would say– because a demo for Resident Evil 6 was included as part of the package. Some would then say that it’s time for the franchise to step out and succeed on its own with the new Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen coming up in March. I would agree with what some say in both instances, even though I usually don’t listen to some.

Have a look at the first trailer for what looks to be a legit sword-swinging good time killing demons, ogres and other non-existent creatures.