Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Doubles Up on the Two-Man Army Concept (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 8, 2012

Two of your favorite Hip Hop acts, Big Boi and B.o.B., aren't only contributing to the soundtrack for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel --that's a given-- but they're actually playing full roles as characters in the game. Chuy and Baker, Big Boi and B.o.B. respectively, are new T.W.O. operatives and they'll be running and gunning with you as you battle nefarious cartels in Mexico. Plus if you pre-order Army of Two, you'll get a standalone mission specifically built for Chuy and Baker where you'll be in control of your two favorite Hip Hoppers but in a videogame.

Who knew this would be the ultimate outcome of Outkast splitting up. I blame Andre 3000 for the whole thing. Check the new trailer.