Portal 2 Wants You to Get Creative With Their ‘Perpetual Testing Initiative’

Valve has confirmed that they will be releasing their next add-on for Portal 2 on May 8 for PC and Mac…console users will have to wait.

In typical Valve fashion the appropriately titled, ‘Perpetual Testing Initiative’ will be a level editor that will allow players to create custom level, share them and play them with a simplified puzzle maker. Valve claims that it’s one that allows the creation of ‘mind bending puzzles without ever leaving the game’.


Gordon Freeman is Back!…Somewhat

In a quirky little move to entice PC gamers to pre-purchase Demiurge Studio’s side-scrolling beat-em-up, ‘Shoot Many Robots’, Valve is lending one of their most popular characters to the game, as well as offering some ‘Shoot Many Robots’ perks for Team Fortress 2 players.


Valve’s Coming to E3 2012

According to E3′s official site. Valve is coming to E3 2012, which can only mean big announcements are bound to appear in the near future.

E3 has listed Valve as an exhibitor for their 2012 expo and the rumours have begun to sweep across the internet as to what Valve may be presenting this year.