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Rihanna Topless Covered and Sucking Straws in Blonde Wig

I’m not sure why Rihanna is in a blonde wig and sucking on a straw, I just kind of like it. I’m typically against these hyper machinated photoshoots where supremely sextastic woman are over staged and styled and brushed to appear something other than just the girl I imagine nekkid in my bedroom because I found a genie lamp and used all three wishes to get them there. But, once in a while, I do appreciate the creative imagination of the photographers and stylists who come up with this nonsense. I’m not a total brute, just mostly brute.

Featured in V Magazine, Rihanna does show why she’s one of the single most sought out magazine girl of her age. And that blonde wig, well, I might just have to change my third genie wish from insisting she not laugh at my pecs to her wearing that platinum mop top. It’s kind of hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Selena Gomez Topless Covered With a Flower In Her Hair and Lust In Her Lady Parts (I Added That Last Part)

Selena Gomez is going where Selena Gomez has never gone before. Okay, so not the fully monty, not yet, but this V Magazine covered topless spread certainly represents a step up in the flesh baring department for the young twenty-something belusted Latina pop star. Selena claims she’s entirely over The Devil’s Midget, which is a good enough reason to celebrate by taking your top off for the cameras. That and maybe a slice of pumpkin from Marie Callenders. It’s been a long slow but worthwhile process tracking the emerging sextastic of the former TV teen starlet turned pop star and friend to every girl in Hollywood. I feel like we’re just on the cusp of something even more special. I can’t put it into words, but it involves clothes being left on the floor.

Selena, as always, te amo. You’ll always be my secret girlfriend so on the side you don’t even know it. Despite your numerous questionable personal relationship decisions, I’m still your biggest fan. In fact, if you could make just one more horrible relationship decision, I sure would appreciate it. Look for me on Match.com under ‘has sex on first dates with platinum selling divas’. I mean, once I give them a non-expired credit card. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Miley Cyrus Topless Banger Tour Polaroids For V Magazine

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Miley Cyrus took off her clothes again. Technically, I guess it was at some point in 2014, during her Bangers tour in between dancing about on stage in showy outfits with midgets, giants, and various crude inflatables. She allowed somebody to take a whole bunch of back stage polaroids of her during the tour and naturally, poof, many came out topless. It feels very real in the least.

Miley Cyrus isn’t what I’d call an iconic performer, or perhaps a music legend, but she certainly and repeatedly is raising the bar for exhibitionism among the pop star sisters. Do you realize how crazy it was twenty years ago when Madonna got nekkid for all this kind of stuff? No Miley is pushing numerous of her cohorts into major skin showing wardrobes and selfies and ‘leaked’ photos. This isn’t by happenstance. Joan of Arc might be too lofty of a comparison, but she has to be considered close. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Miley Cyrus Topless And Exposed in V Magazine

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless for V Magazine #91
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Well, this was teased for a while so we were kind of waiting until you could see the uncensored racy topless picture set of Miley Cyrus in the about to be released V magazine Fall edition. I mean, we can see Miley Cyrus with pasties pretty much every night of the week just strolling down Ventura Blvd., but it’s still a thing when the petite framed pop musical starlet goes full topless monty for the cameras, showing off her modest but brave curves.

For all the heat Miley takes for her behavior and appearance, let us never forget this is a former teen Disney star who willingly and forwardly exhibits her bare body for cameras on the regular. Do you realize how many other celebrities we beg to do the same and they never oblige? At least not voluntarily as we noted during the hacker scandal. They’re all doing it, but Miley has chosen to share her bare boobtastic openly with the world. For that, I must give her kudos. The ducks and silly costumes and tongue shitck I could do without. But let’s be honest, Miley has raised the bar for so many others in terms of flashing, it’s been a really good thing. Enjoy.

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Christina Aguilera Preggo See-Through Covered Topless Mama to Be Goodness in V Magazine

You know I happen to have a thing for pregnant ladies showing off their swelling MILFtastic. What can I say, I’m a big fan of womanhood at all stages. Yes, I know, you can mail my feminist awards to my mailbox at the Bowl and Brew. There’s just something about alluring ladies with the added miracle of creation of new life that swelters my internal thermometer. Also, of course, the added enticement of not having to worry about anybody getting knocked up by accident.

Christina Aguilera took it off, kind of all off minus the hand bra, for V magazine to show off her upcoming baby to be and her killer gestational curves. There might be a few tricks of the trade employed herein to improve certain features, but seeing Christina’s milkers to be and her bare all over skin is certainly something that tickles this preggo fetishists fancy. We probably won’t see Christina showing off again for another six months or more, so I’m absorbing this all slowly. You may absorb at your own pace. Enjoy.

Bridget Malcolm Just Signed with Victoria’s Secret, Now She’s Topless in V, Glory Be

Bridget Malcolm Topless in V Magazine Fall 2014 by Mario Testino
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It was just last Christmas when young Aussie model Bridget Malcolm got her big break as a bikini model for her debut with Victoria’s Secret. Now, we get to see her slender, but sextastic frame bared in a Mario Testino shoot for V Magazine. That’s some pretty heady stuff. Not to mention body stuff. And Bridget has that going on. Yes, she’s a slight framed hottie, but she’s young and a fashion model and nothing I can’t mitigate while I feed her hearty sandwiches all winter long as she accidentally remains trapped in my high mountain top cabin in the woods.

There’s nothing better really than when we get to meet a new sweetheart and bing, bang, boom, there are her bare funbags for impression directly into the forever libido. I’m a happy man today, a spring in my step, and a slight strain of the retinal cones. But in the service of a greater good. Bridget Malcolm, you are that greater good. Enjoy.

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Katy Perry Deep Cleavage S&M Abuse of Madonna in Latex? Yep

Make what you will of this new spread in V magazine. Personally I’m going to print it out and make a cool sailor hat out of it, then everybody will ask me why I’m wearing a hat of Katy Perry as a cleavetastic dominatrix tugging Madonna in latex by hair and rope. I will not have a good answer.

However, this is one of those must see-spreads. I suggest you must see the full set of Katy Cocktease and Madonna being super S&M like on WWTDD. I guarantee these are images you will not soon if ever forget. Enjoy.