V Magazine Posts:

Irina Shayk Crazy Wicked Hot Wet and See-Through!

Wow and she-dazzle. Ridiculously hot Irina Shayk just got a little bit more passion inducing (who knew that was even possible) in her new Sebastian Faena photoshoot for V magazine. Talk about wet and see-through madness. Irina has the body built just for this kind of moist visual play, I can't think of one finer.

I'm not prepared to call this picture set genius, but I am prepared to call it whenever it asks me to, on the minute or hour or however it commands me. Damn! Irina Shayk is just oozing sextastic out of each and every pore. I only wish these pictures were scratch and sniff. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Topless Covering Her Lady Nest for V Magazine (Part Deux)


We saw the preview pictures a couple weeks ago of perhaps the world's current most prolific body exposer, Lady Gaga. Now, a closer look, on the pages of V magazine at the first lady of flashing her ta-ta's and almost giving away the entire goose.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, from the good to the not so good, but you can't take away her willingness to show off a ton of skin for the cameras. There aren't many major celebrities exposing themselves thusly. Like, almost none. So, we golf clap. And leer, I mean, look at Lady Gaga raising her booted-leg. That is pretty damn impressive. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Topless and Hot Damn Blonde Farm Girl Fantasy for V Magazine!


Whoa. I need a moment to catch my breath. Miranda Kerr homaging 70's Italian porn star Cicciolina as a lingerie wearing farm girl flashing her beautiful breasts? It's as if V-magazine drilled into my libido one even when I slept and stole my very precise fantasy. Damn. I need another moment.

I really don't know how to express myself at this moment. It's a combination of lust, confusion, seeing the Matterhorn at Disneyland for the first time, being extremely jealous of that dude who used to make those Pirate movies. A whirlwind of emotions, most of which are probably best left to private time musings. I'm just so very happy today. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Takes Her Clothes Off Once More for V Magazine

Here's the thing about Lady Gaga. She likes to get nekkid. I mean, she really really likes to get nekkid. And, unlike my across the way always nekkid on his balcony neighbor Reamus the Male Muffin Top, Lady Gaga actually brings a rather shapely female form to the party.

Yes, there's no denying it, whatever you might say about her look or talents, Lady Gaga keeps herself in nekkid-worthy condition. Which is a thing in itself. As is the bravado to constantly be taking off your clothes for the cameras. She may not be fully exposed in V magazine, but that's really only because they probably made her cover up a few inches here and there. She's been flashing her bare birthday suit form in venue after venue these past few months if not longer.

So, here's to you Lady Gaga. Your name will never appear on my iTunes receipts, but I do acknowledge you've got some cajones (though no actual cajones as we've inspected your lady nest much in recent times.). Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Hot Body Body of Work for V Magazine

Don't think Miley Cyrus hasn't been hitting Pilates and yoga and even cutting back to just a few smokes a day for no reason. She's built herself one very tight, taut little short person body in Tinsel Town that's undeniably toward the top of the charts. And even as a semi-spastic gravel voiced pop diva, she's going to be recognized for that body. She deserves that. And she is doing just that in the new edition of V magazine.

The results are really quite stellar. While the hair remains something of a post-latent teen rebel silly bit of business, there's no denying that I'm quite jealous of Miley touching her own fabulous litte funbags and showing off her legs and midriff and other stretches of hot celebrity skin. She's all grown up and looking good. I can not hate. I can only leer. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Mega-Boobtastic in V-Magazine (Almost Ruined By Topless Dude in Photos)

Oh, man, we are the first to say that women's and fashion stylish magazines aren't just for women anymore, and sometimes present the finest in the visual contributions of some of the most delicious celebrities on the planet. And, this is true. But the good folks at V magazine almost ruined a stunningly boobtastic pictorial of blonde bombshell Kate Upton by including some topless dude in almost all of her photos. We simply won't go there. It goes against our Mission Statement (at least, the one that exists in our minds somewhere from a few years and many many cocktails ago).

Nevertheless, there were two dude-less photos of Kate Upton from this month's V magazine pictorial that we just had to share with you. Because you love Kate Upton and you love her big bosomy funbags even more so. Yes, I know you. And, yes, you do. So check her out and if you want to check out the pictures of her with douchy arty topless dude, go ahead and Google the interwebs or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart Still Angry, But Undeniably Hot in V Magazine

Kristen Stewart is a girl we'd love to dismiss. Between the angry-emo-rich-girl stank eyes, the fingers to the cameras, the angry rants about wanting to be left alone while seeking our public fame and fortune, not to mention letting her movie director clean the fur on her kunffle bunny and making Robert Pattinson cry into his goblet of chocolate milk, there's a lot of ways to mock Kristen Stewart.

And, yet, we can not deny she remains one fine looking celebrities. Featured in the current edition of V magazine, Kristen shows why we, let alone any man, puts up with her spoiled girl antics -- she's just downright sextastic when she turns on the feminine charms -- and there's little defense in life against this dark art. Let's face it, we are inclined to look the other way on many flaws of attractive women. Fair? No. Nature's way? Absolutely. No sense in fighting the tide. Enjoy.