Total Recall

Science Made a Real Life ‘Total Recall’ Happen in Rats, Thanks Science

I’ve got a new entry in the annals of Science is Totally Ripping-Off SciFi, Science is one step closer to making Total Recall a reality. No, we cannot get drunk in a bar on Mars or even trade quips with a mutant attached to another mutant’s chest, it’s just that they’ve successfully implanted false memories in rats.

Yeah, we’re just that much closer to someone remembering it for us wholesale. (See what I did there? Boom.) As reported in the MIT Technology Review (clearly something I check with the utmost regularity because I’m so smart. No really, though, I read at a 7th Grade level. I’m basically retarded.) this is a real thing that really happened. Some scientist told them:

The results are really mind-blowing…It shows that your memories are really just activities of different cells, and they can take the place of an actual thing that happened by just activating some cells in the brain.

Uh, call me crazy, but that sounds like it’s got some pretty scary implications, like the potential to uncover some sort of potential Martian conspiracy.

While we’re at it, Science, where are we on that whole mice with three boobs thing, eh? (Oh, they have six? Yeah, lets not get into that one.)

How Will ‘Total Recall’ Rank Among the Best Phillip K. Dick Adaptations?

When Total Recall hits theaters tomorrow, it’ll mark the tenth time a work by Phillip K. Dick has been adapted for the big screen. Without him, pop culture would be missing the Pre-Cogs, Roy Batty and of course, the woman with three breasts. Ranked as one of science fiction’s giants along with Ray Bradbury, William Gibson and Arthur C. Clark, Dick’s surpassed them all to become one of Hollywood’s favorite authors to adapt. And since his death in 1982, his stories of big ideas, modern fears and jaw-dropping twists have been tackled by filmmakers both big and small.

This is the second time ‘Total Recall’ has been adapted and it surely won’t be the last time we revisit one of Dick’s already-filmed works for a new vision. Whether or not the new ‘Recall’ will be as memorable as its predecessor remains to be seen, but the trailer features quite the cat fight between Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale, so it’s well on its way.

Check out the gallery to see how we ranked all of Phillip K. Dick’s movies and check below a clip recreating our favorite scene from the original Total Recall.


Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale Total Hotness at Total Recall Premiere in L.A.

Honestly, there’s a certain threshold of female sextastic in a film where I don’t care what people think about the movie, I’m going to see it. Total Recall might be an awesome film, it might be a disappointment (won’t know until tomorrow), but I know I’m going to watch it, because if nothing else, the pairing of supremely good looking Jessica Biel and MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale in the same cinematic venture, let alone kickboxing the shizz out of each other in the same scene,  that trumps all.

At last night’s premiere in L.A, both of these supremely hot women, the bread in the very naughty and baby-ol covered fantasy Egotastic! sandwich I’ve been dreaming of for years, dropped some red carpet heat outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and caused at least 10,000 sci-fi fanboys to simultaneously fap themselves into erasing memories of who they really are. Which isn’t a bad thing for most fanboys. Enjoy.

‘Total Recall’ Is Almost Upon Us! Recalling 5 Even Better Remakes

Len Wiseman’s remake of Paul Verhoven’s classic sci-fi action extraordinaire is set to divide critics.

That’s quite an assumption to make I know, but you see I, alongside million of others John McClane fans have been burned by Wiseman before, *Cough* Die Hard 4.

But let’s not decide Total Recall is woefully inept before we see it.

Maybe, old Lenny can pull something out of the bag! To be fair to him trailers and clips of the movie havn’t looked all that bad and the cast is pretty stellar too. Perhaps Wiseman is going to prove us all wrong after all!

If so he’ll be joining an elite line-up of filmmakers whose newer renditions of a movie have been better than the original, but I’m not holding my breath though. Here’s a definitive look at the greatest movie remakes to ever hit the big screen.


MIRAGE Brings Us One Step Closer to Total Recall

Remember how futuristic movies from the nineties depicted people fumbling around with wristwatch communicators and talking with people through tiny boxes and microphones? That doesn’t seem so surreal or unreal in present day, does it?

I’m sure the writers behind Total Recall thought it was incredibly high-tech to make a movie about memories implantation–and it is. But it seems like technology is bringing us closer to achieving what Rekall has through the MIRAGE Substitutional Reality System.


Kate Beckinsale Wiggles Her Tush into the Ranks of the Hottest Sci-Fi Villains

On August 3rd, actress and MILFtastic extraordinaire Kate Beckinsale strips out of her Underworld latex to kick arse on Colin Farrell (as if that isn’t many people’s dreams) in the Total Recall remake, err, reboot, err, re-quel.

If there’s one thing the producers of fantasy sci-fi flicks know how to do, it’s casting some of the hottest and sexiest women to do things like be cloned, travel through time, and run aimlessly across the decks of spaceships in skimpy tops and miniskirts.

The only thing better than a sexy sci-fi sidekick chick, is an evil one trying to destroy you and most likely all of mankind. And as Kate Beckinsale enters the race to be sci-fi’s sexiest villainess of all time, take a look at our gallery of wicked hot bad-girls from fantasy films past.

New Behind-the-Story Featurette for ‘Total Recall’ Hits (VIDEO)

Total Recall Featurette
The Story Behind Rekall

The story of Rekall is complicated. It was told once back in 1990, and it’s being told again. This time, there are a few new twists and different takes on the original. And now we’ve got a featurette from the movie that gives everyone a behind-the-scenes look at how the story came to be–at least, this version of it.

Check it out in the player above, and see how everything fits in by checking out Total Recall’s official synopsis after the jump.