The Only Way Is Essex

Frankie Essex Panties Peeks Know How to Party

Frankie Essex, of The Only Way is Essex fame, or maybe infamy, well, she sure looks like a fun gal to party with when out late night in London. Frankie was out with her cousin and show co-star Chloe Sims and looks like she maybe had one or ten too many, sliding barely conscious into the back of a car and flashing her panties. How her bodacious boobtastic managed to stay in her dress is truly a mystery, not to mention a misfortune.

But, if you’re looking for a drinking buddy with some end of the evening visual theatrics, look no further than Frankie Essex.

Lauren Pope Cleavage Skills Make This TOWIE DJ Worth Respecting, Or, At Least, Worth Ogling

While our conventional wisdom says that anybody who refers to themselves professional as a ‘DJ’ is tantamount to people in Los Angeles who call themselves ‘producers’, when it comes to TOWIE alum Lauren Pope and her magnificent funbags, we are willing to make an exception to common sensical regulations.

Though us Yanks have the rep for worship of all things bouncy and bubbly on the ladyfolk, let us not forsake Jolly Old England which has become the epicenter of celebrity DD boobtastic in the past decade or so, featuring an increasing number of big chested young marvels on their telly screens and in their visual marketing. Lauren Pope just happens to be one of the more worship worthy vixens in the new British bangers and monster mash class of young women, and we’ll be damned if we’re going to skip class when the syllabus reads ‘Lauren Pop mega-cleavage’. That we’ll wake up for. Enjoy.

Billie Faiers Lingerie Hotness Deserves TOWIE Attention

Thanks to a bunch of EgoReaders who would like to remind everyone that for all my lust of various The Only Way is Essex hot reality trained monkeys, I’ve completely overlooked and under-reported on the hotness of one Billie Faiers, sister of the often more televised Sam Faiers, but one helluva hottie in her own right.

And, while you don’t need to know the details of her drinking and partying and buxom blonde hottie ways, you should pay attention to her revealing and memorable lingerie photos from our friends at Nuts who capture the TOWIE naughtiness with sheer silky perfection. At least, I’m on my eleventh view of these photos here and I can’t find a flaw. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims and Lauren Pope Cleavage, Sideboob Pictures For a Hardcore Party Night in London

You know it’s a damned good night of partying when your evening ends in the early morning at a hospital treating one or another of your posse for various cuts and wounds. Such were the adventures of boobtastic The Only Way is Essex reality starlets Chloe Sims, she of major cleavage, and Lauren Pope, she of major sideboob, the two of them and other pals from the show rather snookered as they made their way around London town through the night, until the inevitable emergency room visit for some bleeding limbs.

Talk about your party girl reality, nobody’s got anything on these randy DJ girls from Essex. Enjoy.

Maria Fowler Flashes Deep Cleavage To Kick Off Winter Melon Growing Season

There’s nothing like a TOWIE after dark. That’s when the big guns come out. And nobody (well, almost nobody) brings the cleavage out to play like Maria Fowler, with just the perfect dress for her ample bosom, as in, a couple sizes too small. We can never fashion-fault a woman for going with extreme cleavage in public. For one, we know nothing about fashion. And, secondly, it would certainly be counter to our prime directive. So, rather than lecture, we’ll just ogle the delicious twin-shots of winter melon wonderment Maria flashed outside the Sanderson Hotel last night in London town. And, we’ll drool just a tad. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims Nipple Slip Like Moons in the Manchester Night


Ah, those Manchester slips.

We’re not sure if The Only Way is Essex reality show has raised the level of public discourse and social intelligence in the U.K. as Jersey Shore certainly has here in the U.S., but we do know that it’s introduced the Egotastic! world to a whole bevy of buxom beauties that are more than ogle worthy, which is a true boob tube accomplishment itself. Chloe Sims wardrobe malfunction (and, with any of these girls, calling it a wardrobe malfunction seems a bit short-sighted) last eve in Manchester actually registered on our personal Richter scale in terms of personal quaking. Those twin moons are big enough to have their own moons in orbit, not to mention the high tide created when they broke free of their material constraints.

Quite a nipple slip indeed. Enjoy.

Amy Childs Reveals a Bit of Her Personalities in Reveal Magazine

Amy Childs, The TOWIE reality star turned current Celebrity Big Brother contestant (is that a raise, by the way, or a lateral move in the reality world?) shares a bit of her personality in Reveal magazine, and, more importantly to us, a bit of the legs and cleavage that made us lust-filled fans of the sexy red in the first place. It’s hard to say what the reality star limit is for Amy Childs, but with a body like that, wow, we could be talking Survivor or Apprentice. Such an odd industry. Enjoy.